Saint Yorda / Press

“Amidst the stagnant, generic noise that permeates a lot of music down south, Cork City’s Saint Yorda are pop saviors making big waves on the growing scene. One to watch for 2012 most definitely.”

“It’s always exciting to hear a band in its early stages, when impatient talent mixes with experimentation. There is the sense that this trio is on the verge of something great.”

“Thoughtful 60s-reminiscent moody poptronica meets empty recording studio on a cold winters night with just the right amount of fire wood, warm milk, cookies, past memories and hope for the future to boot.”

“Saint Yorda are an interesting prospect. With songs that range from the dark and atmospheric noises of 'Death Ray' to the pensive sound of 'Yr Bones' ... the three-piece from Cork are taking on a lot - and pulling it off.”

"Languid and cool, a bit foggy, these songs make a great soundtrack to chilly, gray fall days like. There are vocals with some wavering echo and reverb, skeletal electronic beats and a scattering of bleeps and bloops - syncopated ... danceable in a kind of codeine-induced way ..."

“the potential shown on a collection of demos entitled some songs that we recorded with cathal is very promising indeed. Dark, haunting vocals soaked in reverb set an eerie atmosphere”

“In true 60′s style these guys play a tune for a couple of minutes and cut it off before you’ve had you’re fill. Bravo!”