Saint Echo / Press

“'A twilight excursion to dimensions untold, 'The Spark' is judiciously interrupted by melodic interludes and deft percussion to yield an inspired electronica jam.'”

“Blending so many genres in such a unique way makes it impossible to predict what we will hear next, and the songs keep evolving in interesting ways. This makes Saint of the Echo fun to listen to and hard to walk away from.”

David Wheeler

“SPIRIT OF THE GREAT GREY WOLF.. This composition had to come straight from the lonely spot in your soul. This is amazing!”

KC Daleigh

“WHOAA we love "gears keep turning" ADVANCED composition with some rocking guitar samples in there.....incredible themes with slick production AWESOMEEEEE!”

Jeff Rush

“SPIRIT OF THE GREY WOLF....delicious danger fills me head heart and soul....love the shadows and threat.”

David Namerow

“Stunning music. Love Gears Keep turning the harmony guitar solos are amazing”


“Kick ass tunes! Great grooves. Really digging on Gears Keep Turning”


“Gears Keep Turning rocks man! Very cool mix! Love the guitar at 1:35.....and on! Terrific job my friend! God bless and......Rock on!”

Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project

"Gears Keep Turning" has good arrangement, guitar playing and production. Nicely done Saint!

Gary Kochan

“Gears keep turning rocks. Loving the atmosphere on Spirit of The Great Grey Wolf. All the best.”

Stuart James Wright

“Cool music. I love the feel of Celestial Chaos!”

Susan Martin

“Celestial Chaos is especially wonderful. Your instrumentation creates the real feeling of celestial chaos! Thank you for sharing your talent!”

Slam Horse

“Awesome creative sounds and style, I really enjoyed visiting, I'll be back for more listening soon!”


“killer sound you've created here bro..really diggin the detail and finesse in the production work on "atomic outercourse", and particularly love it when the strings start bursting through..wicked tight programming and love the industrial/dubstep edge. Tasty!!”


“I've released a new song called Gears Keep Turning which is the main theme of the best selling video game Gears Of War 3.I'm video game freak so I wanted to show my passion and appreciation for the game. The Original version is performed by a Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Steve Jablonsky. So I wanted to give the song a metal flavor so to speak. Check it out.”

Saint Of The Echo - A tribute to my passion for video games