SAINT Nik / Press

“Aissa Sams, 8, and Adrienne Thomas, 9, were jamming their summit when Saint Nik sang some rap songs Saturday at the Fifth Annual Youth/Parent Summit Saturday at the Carver Recreation Complex.”

“AVON PARK -- On a warm Saturday afternoon two days before Christmas, N'kosi Jones stood at The Sanctuary church in front of a table topped with dozens of gifts for children from all over Highlands County. Jones, who was instrumental in getting the gift donations - many were from staff at Avon Park Youth Academy where Jones spends time with troubled youth - talked with each child. He then told them to pick out a gift, which could be a bicycle, a doll, a game or one of many other items. Wearing a shirt with the message, "Elevate Your Game Higher," Jones had elevated his life and traveled a great distance from where he used to be. When Jones told the parents that "I'm a eight-time convicted felon," it didn't seem to matter. Jones, who grew up in Lake Placid and Avon Park, credits finding Jesus as to why he successfully left a life of drugs and violence. While he's found a job working with the transit department in Lakeland, he has struggled at times in the past to get work.”

“A 'write-up' story in the Birmingham Times Newspaper on SAINT Nik.”