Saint Lewis / Press

"Wow. This is WELL produced, WELL packaged, and carried out VERY WELL. If all worship bands were this good people would FLOCK to church just to hear them!"

"A vibrantly creative offering... eschewing tired cliche standard CCM worship sounds. Raw and passionate, taking worship in a fresh new direction."

“This album contains none of the glossy sheen of so many worship projects, nor the “Jesus is my boyfriend” lyrics.”

“In fact, that is the ONLY musical distinction that I make: music is either written for the purpose of doxology, or it is not. There is no Christian/Secular dichotomy. If God is creator, and absolutely sovereign over human history, as I believe the Bible teaches, then all creativity is a reflection of His, and ultimately glorifies Him.”

"The first time I heard three cuts from Songs For The Hope Farm, I knew they were going on my iPhone."

"My first listen through the Songs For The Hope Farm worship album was a little like my first experience with Fondu. First I thought it was a little weird, then I started to love it, then I loved it so much I wanted to figure out how to do it at home."

"Shannon Lewis has one of those voices you could listen to for hours. The songs range from incredible corporate worship songs, to others perfect for personal worship... all packed with powerful messages and rich theology."