Saint Carmen / Press

“Saint Carmen, a new local Rock/Metal band opened the first show of the year at GST. It was their first time ever performing onstage as a band since forming in September, 2012. Lead pipes/guitarist, Avery Krueger, brings some really clean sounding vocals with his longtime friend, Jake Bellemy, on drums & backup vocals. They blend the shreddin’ lead guitarist sounds of Dylan Cash mixed in with the pickless, fingerin’ bass guitar works of 16 year old, Buck Blackery, for a powerful sound that’s Hard Rock with a pinch of ass kickin’ metal tones thrown in to put them in the “Badass” category. The band’s stage presence showed that they have been practicing everyday since formin’. The teamwork between the guys was spot on and it showed once the nervousness wore off during their performance. The crowd in attendance enjoyed the music, and it was clear when everyone in the building was headbobbin’ at the same time. I admit…so was mine.”