Saint Joseph / Press

“All the way from North Denver, Colorado (USA), Saint Joseph embraces hardcore rap as his main means of expression, blending up his west coast root with an east coast feel for a really unique approach. Also a member of Kold Reality as well as T.M.E. crew, St.Joe didn't take long before releasing his debut album “Casket Mart” has been released though the online major web-retailers marketplace (itunes, amazon…) via Ditto Music, and it features a collection of sharp, direct and honest tracks, not only musically, but also lyrically. Saint Joseph’s flow is fast and in-your-face, with uncompromising lyrics that go straight to the point. The music is a perfect fit, not over produced and definitely created to serve the vocals, rather than to overshadow it. This album is definitely worth your hard-earned bucks, if not for the really high standards and stunning quality of the music alone, definitely the noble cause behind the release will add even more appeal and credibility to this ar”

“Saint Joe of T.M.E. understands how to put a worthwhile project together, as evidenced by the 22-track Mortuary Mixtape. But the title is a misnomer, as the project is entirely listenable, and proceeds from its sales are being donated to help fight breast cancer and leukemia. The main attraction here is the intriguing selection of beats, all of which are peppered with well-timed samples. From stylish jazz to morbid metal, a wide variety of production entices — which is good, because Saint Joe's flow tends to be a little monotonous. Fortunately, his lack of inflection is offset by expressive lyrics. The only other drawback: In typical mixtape style, the project is hosted by a DJ (in this case, BigSpade, doing an earnest and admirable job), which feels like a superfluous addition.”