SAINE / Press

“Saine Rapley bares her soul on Naked...”

“Emerging Jamaican songstress, Saine is an artist of baring all, physically and musically, to show her artistic prowess. Now, the ‘Guitar Girl’ is pulling the strings on her debut album, aptly titled Naked. The album, which she hopes to release later this year, showcases an evolution of Saine from a sweet-singing starlet into a more, well-rounded entertainer, willing to push boundaries and express herself in music without apology. She says this album describes such willingness as it showcases her true personality and beliefs in song. “I decided to name it NAKED because it is me in my truest form; open and exposed to my fans,” she told Examiner.com Friday. “I'll have quite a variety of styles ranging from reggae to dancehall, pop and even dubstep. At the end the gist is for my fans to know who I am, the real me, so after listening to it you won’t have to ask who is Saine, you'll know.””

“Reggae music has lost some luster due to the rise of Dancehall music & few young Reggae artists have emerged in recent times. However, one young starlet is aiming to change that perception; proving the future of Reggae music is in good hands. Saine Rapley, a 19 year old female singer is already showcasing her potential as a breakthrough artist within the Reggae genre. The Clarendon born starlet long aspired towards being a singing sensation from a very young age; performing at church functions & graduations where she’d display her talents for large audiences. Saine also has had a good taste for interests as she loves to play her guitars.”