Sahffi / Press

““’Expectations’ is a good example not just of Sahffi’s songcraft, but of how well she blends with others, as the album was a community effort in many senses of the word.””

Jon Patton - Baltimore Songwriter's Assoc Newsletter

“Blessed with a penchant for writing memorable melodies and openhearted lyrics that complement her full-throated vocals and acoustic strumming, (sahffi) brings to mind Fiona Apple. She’s a reminder that folk (the other four-letter f-word) isn’t so bad.”

John Lewis - Baltimore Magazine

“This music is hard to describe, which is one reason I can appreciate it so much. It is sometimes bluesy, sometimes folksy, but gorgeous harmonies and arrangements are found throughout. Some songs are very artful and take more time to lock in to, but it’s worth it.”

Kiro Music - iTunes