SahDaya / Press

“SahDaya, I am Loving your songs. Truly original and absolutely unique beautiful voice! I wish you only the best success.”

TheFiddlah - RN


FFENT/Hitalik Records - RN

“I just needed to say wow you're so amazingly talented You're vocals are amazing! Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!”

Valor - RN

“Yeah, you will be remembered for sure! You're a star! Keep the good work! Much success!”

Livin Garden - RN

"Fantastic voice! Great r&b vibe!"

John Starley Allen - RN

“My fiance says you got some really relaxing music and i agree with her 100%. Really good stuff keep that up!!”

Rogue Productions - RN

“Diggin' your tunes right now. Great work, vocals & excellent musicianship.”

Cos Grassano - RN

“You have Great writing skills. The words in "Believin" drew me into the song. That's what Music is about. Great Vocals also. Good Music.”


“Hi SahDaya, I just received your CD today I bought thru Tate : so wonderful and the sound with a HiFi system is better than computer.Thanks again and really U Are so Great Singer. I love U. Best regards from France”


“You can sing and your stage presence is off the chain. Get it girl!!!”

Scha Queen - RN

“Girl Wonder's Sophomore LP "My Musical Love Story part 2" is set for national release and distribution 8/20/13 powered by "Tate Music Group" and "That New Soul Recordings". Download the sampler from this page now”

TNSR - TNS Recordings

“When I see anyone working toward their dreams and staying true to themselves it is an automatic inspiration. Keep soaring to the top!”

Glori - RN

“Beautiful songs,superwoman”


“Well done, you got nice vibes and beats. Keep up the good work. Massive support”

Liquid - RN

“when I listen to your music I can tell you are a deep, spiritual powerful black cat for real...you are poetic and spiritual divine and futuristic..."futuristic lover"...intelligence looks to the futur...keep rocking!vp”

Vincent Prince - RN

"Your music is well produced and has star quality written all over it."

SR1-Project - RN

“OMG!!! I think I'm in love,... (with your music, that is) :-) But I promise U, if I look at one more picture of U, I'm gonna fall even harder. LOL! I'm only on the 3rd track and I am really feeling your vocal delivery...”

Shadow - RN

“SahDaya, I'm lovin' your songs, videos, and voice! "Falln N Luv" is one of my favs, and great job rippin' "Out On A Limb." Nice tribute to Teena Marie (RIP). Keep 'em comin'. xoxo ”

Juliann Andreen - Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, Angry Lover is a ssssssmokin' track! Love your powerful, soulful vocals! Cool to know you and your music! Keep it goin' strong in the beantown area! :^)”

Ron Rutherford - Reverb Artist

“I'm actually looking at your videos now. Simply incredible. U are such a breath of fresh air. God Bless U and your talent.”

Shadow - RN

“SahDaya, You are the real thing ! You have me "Believin" ! What a beautiful Voice! ”

Jeffrey Whitman - Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, Your voice is as smooth as milk..the music is awesome..the production brilliant..and you're beautiful (need I say more? lol). ”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Artist

"The world needs your eyes and soul SahDaya"...peace!!

Scrumpy the Flea - Reverb Artist

“Okay I surrender....Im back again! PlayTyme Funn Deelyte will always be my favorite track! The team of people you have really put that track down when it came to the production! Gotta recommend you! ”

DEENOBOY - Reverb Artist

“Your beautiful.......your sexy....and guess what?..you can sing...take it from a arrogant brotha because my swag is so fresh....i'm in love...i mean....i'm in awe....uh i mean i'm a fan...modern day hip-hop r&b Donna Summer with a sexyswaggalacka swag tag customized....get em gurl...nice tracks Sahdaya!”

R&B KC - Reverb Artist

“Play Tyme Funn Deelyte shows me that you will never be pigeon holed or catagorized as simply this or that. You,my dear have (in my humble opinion)Universal skills ”

GLC Mims (the Vocal Doctor) - Reverb Artist

“A most versatile SahDaya sound that echos brilliantly even when the song has ended bringing the listen/fan straight into another fabulous track,wonderful production and mixes.... ”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverb Artist

“'Falln N Luv'... WOW!!!, brilliant R&B vocal work with awesome grooves. SahDaya... class-act with a super sound. Cheers”

Tony, Dom & Klint THE PIZZA KINGS - Reverb Artist

“Dear SahDaya, Hello amazing talented beautiful friend, So beautiful universe here, Great voice! Touches my heart, into my soul, Absolutely fantastic! I'm happy to connect with you, Sending positive energy, With lots of love* Ryo”

Ryo Utasato - Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, You have a diverse mix of well expressed musical ideas and feelings. The use of the musical arrangement supports the style and creates an authentic atmosphere to enjoy. ”

Jim Davis - Christian/Gospel - Reverb Artist

“You are a dynamic queen beast. keep the light of the sun at your finger tips and rule.....love you doll ”

Promis and Uni-Band - Reverb Artist

“Hello Ms SahDaya & thank u for the encouragement. The 'Believin' track is a hit! And I can tell youre unique & into what u do. Its something about your music & its unexplainable...keep up the good work & keep grindin! ”

MAC Mizzle - Reverb Artist

"i really like yah music.. u got talent for realz"

Bella T. (Boston's Finest) - Reverb

“Hey SahDaya! i love your Angry Luva video !! it was dope ! you looked beautiful in it too ! =) ”

Edidion - Edidion - Reverb Artist

“I must say your story is very inspiring. with everything that you went through you still kept your dream alive and thats something thats given me ammo to get through my tough times. its the story behind the music that draws the listeners so....KUDOOOOOOOOS!!! see you at the top! ”

The IZM - Reverb Artist

“So Yesterday I finally Finished Radiation this Has been the most Scariest, Stressful, Toughest yet most inspiring 7 months of my life To know that I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and NOT ONCE DID I GIVE UP ON MY DREAM I HAVE TO SAY, AND SORRY IF I SOUND COCKY BUT TOP THAT WHOM EVA, I DID All THAT SHIT DURING TREATMENT: 18 SHOWS, SONG PRODUCTION, MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEO DOCUMENTARIES, REHEARSALS, MOTHERHOOD Shit life itself.... IMmmmmm THE fUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U GOD AND THANK U JESUS!!!! WITH COURAGE From SahDaya "Welcome 2 SahDayaville" premier Sunday Oct 2nd, 2011 ”

SahDaya - That New Soul Recordings

“There are no words to describe Sahdaya's incredible strength. Her story is like a Shakespearian tale -- it has the power to inspire generations. Many blessings. Love you all!”

Evita - Esteves/Wiles Marketing & Management

“Keep up the good work Sahdaya! Many blessings 2 U Sista! U have an amazing story & I am sure that it will give hope 2 many... I wish U much success...”

KaLuv - Reverb Artist

“SayDaya is amazing and very talented! I can't wait to hear and see more of her and especially her upcoming documentary. Her life journey has been full of obstacles and she rises and overcomes them all. She has stayed true to herself and her special gift of songwriting, singer and dancer. She is an inspiration and I wish her and all who love her many blessings. SahDaya THANK YOU for sharing your god given gift. Your fan, Emelita”

Emelita - SahDaya Fan

“Refreshing to hear original music with intense life experience as influence.. much respect family you are amazing!”

Enoch. Arcane - Reverb Artist

"Welcome 2 SahDayaVille" is a documentary mini series scheduled to be released on youtube this Fall of 2011. Promo trailer is available to view on Reverb now. It is a light hearted but powerful depiction of the trials and tribulations of a strong young mother of 5 pursuing her dreams as a singer/songwriter/entertainer while struggling with love, mental illnesses (PTSD & Bipolar) and recovering from Breast Cancer. From her home, the studio, rehersals, live shows to Chemo & Radiation Appointments, Social Security and food assistance to the Dollar Store. SahDaya is truly one of a kind and her story will inspire millions.

TNS Recordings - That New Soul Recordings

“SahDaya, Your voice is really fantastic and your songs are awesome and unique. I have no doubt that you will exceed all of your goals in this business.”

Kia Muze -Reverb Artist

“I like "hit it" & "do sump em" great tunez keep it up much respect over here, ”

JC DA SLASHER - Reverb Artist

"Falln N Luv" -No one thing or person can keep us from falling!!! i think were subconsciously, haphazardly living towards LOVE.... or is it just ME, Lol. great song SahDaya!!!

Mr. Maz - Unsigned.com Artist


WALT TA - Reverb Artist

“I love it, The natural flow, the vibes in the body and the overall message is oh so beautiful. ”

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr. - Reverb Artist - Jazz

“Love it!! Inventive and grovin. Great vocals and songwriting. ”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverb Artist - Classical / Musical Theatre / New Age

“Beautiful passion and soul in your amazing voice and music!!! ”

John Revitte - Reverb Artist folk / Blues, Soul,Rock

“I love it!!! "its ova get out" is my FAV...keep up the good work! ”

RAMBU - Reverb Artist - Hip Hop

“SahDaya's Debut LP "My Musical Love Story part 1" is available now right here on this Reverbnation page. "COP IT NOW!!!!"”

TNS - TNS Recordings

“im loving your voice, and how you bring the music to life....beautiful work.”

Marlon - Reverb Artist

"Angry Luva" um wow... It is everything I like about music wrapped up in one song. Is that fair? No, that is talent!

Brodashim -Reverb Artist

“Your voice is so magical and ur harmonies are blazing hott!”

Nessa -Reverb Artist

“I don't join many artists pages, but after hearing "Gentle Breeze" you got me, hook line and sinker:-) The song is beautiful and you have an amazing voice. I am now a fan:-) God bless and keep up the Great Work!”

Cheryl & JaVonne -Reverb Artists

“I'm definitely a SahDaya fan. Best believe ur going in the IPOD!!!!”

GRUVSOUL -Reverb Artist

“That "So Different" video is dope and I enjoyed your rendition of Teena Marie ”

Nia Devine -Reverb Artist

“i lovin ya sound SahDaya..i definately think it could sell...i would love 2 do a track with u!! ”

SUGE aka MR.RAWNOKE CITY -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, i love it!!! u r very talented and you r unique...keep going, the world need to hear new and fresh ”

STEFFON JONES -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, great to now know you, listening to you now, and your music is WONDERFUL. You have a beautiful voice, beautiful energy, and very professional arrangements. XO, Susan...”

Susan Cabral -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya!!! We see you!!! Immaculate work, grooves pierce right through the cloudy seas of souls, with beautiful rays of musical sunshine....Keeep on Keepin on!!!”

Ty Hannah -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, I LOVE IT GIRL! Fallin n lov is hot! u got me dancing to it! It should be on the Radio & n the clubs! keep the fire burning! I am a true fan of yours! Peace & blessings my sister! ”

Lori Nebo -Reverb Artist


MAMY MBAYE -Reverb Artist

“GUUUURRRL u'z tha nu shit for suuuure!!! You got an awesome range of styles and they're all sooo complementary to your fierce self!! I am a fan hands down n got yo back too! :)”

Cassa -Reverb Artist

“Wow SahDaya, you have raw talent! i definitely respect artists who have natural talent; unique vocal style, very nice...”

Miss T -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, You are different and most definitely possess the vocal skills, I'm really loving Gentle Breeze 2002! ”

Dolly G -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, keep up the good music, and good vibes, cant wait to see us @ the top!! ”

REINA -Reverb Artist

“Great grooves...Sultry, sexy and smooth. Beautiful! ”

Obi Kaye -Reverb Artist

“Hey, I love everything about you SahDaya. Keep the hits coming you are DYNAMITE! ”


“Girl you are on FIRE! I love your music. I've shared it with others. Good things should not be kept a secret!”

Spider -Reverb Artist

“Absolutely some of the best production I've heard in a while I love it. Very refreshing!!”

Raw Deal -Reverb Artist

“Sahdaya, You got some FIYAH coming from your spot girl, keep me movin & groovin! ”

Timmy Matrixx & Dappa Don Producers/Remixers -Reverb Artist

“i love your style...it's mesmerizing and sleek at the same time...”

sarai juelz -Reverb Artist

“Ok man you have just blown me away! wow wow! amazing! I know heaps of people in the USA that I promote - so im going to promote you too - man you ROCK! love your songs :) ”

Reverb Artist -Freshsounz

“SahDaya, Oh yes miss, you got it...Love the songs and video, I feel you through your word and delivery, Keep pushing it I know you'll will achieve your goal. You have a beautiful gift and it does it for me. I'm a fan, I'll keep checking out your site so keep dropping that fire!!!”

MOODY -Reverb Artist

“Man... your music is HOT and soundz like u mosdef are on yo way...”

Teddy Austin -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, yr ready 2 blow!!!!!! nice sound, lyrics , beats... love it!!!!!!”

Richy Dollaz -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya,i fu**ing love your songs waaat!! im a dancer and you get me boppin like nobodyz business i love your music..4 real keep it up hun! aah ur so dope .."pop n lock n dont break it"! lol peace”

Edidion -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, You killing me! Girl, I broke a sweat dancin' to Do Sump'em'. Child, that is a H. I. T! Me and my husband love it. Those tracks are slammin! And your vocal production is breathtaking. You go on Girl. I am definitely a fan. Keep on doing what chu doing. Godpeed, and may you achieve all you dream of. Lots of love and music. Cherieamour and Bart of Chameleon Houston, Texas”

Cherieamour -ReverbArtist

“SahDaya's brilliant writing, melodies and 5 part harmonies are undeniable and will be felt. Her album will open eyes, ears and hearts across the world and is destined to be classic. She will make a difference!! ”

That New Soul Recordings

“SahDaya, you're HOT HOT HOT! ”

Fantase Bee® -Reverb Artist

“Nice!!!..ya got a coo sound baby girl!! ”

Pryme Tracks -Reverb Artist

“SahDaya, Your project sounds tight and ready for the world. ”

Marshall - Reverb Artist


Soulja’z of God K.Y.A.



“hot traxxx, keep up tha good work!!!! ”


“I like the upbeat feel of your songs. Keep up the great work!!! ”

DJ Bchill

“SahDaya...i love your transparency..opening up yourself like that is different,the vibe, the energy,clever writing...you are a complete package...seasoned with swagger....amazing! im definitly a fan....and i also appreciate the love from you...keep making real music... ”


“I'm diging ya music to the fullest just keep focus and do what u do dont let nobody tell u different”


“Im feelin the music. U got a good vibe”


"Thinkin' about spreading some of this good stuff around...Lovin' her!"


“I just downloaded and listened to SahDaya's album sampler and I can't turn it off. I am truly impressed by her willingness to let it all out and not hold back. The more I listen to her, the more I love her. I'm first in line for the album when it's released...A Fan Forever!!!!!”


“Sahdaya! Your shit is FIRRRRE!!!!”

Krystal Blayke

“you are an amazing artist. great voice. loves ya style sistah. Peace and blessings”

Tom Dirt

“Hey SahDaya, Listening to your voice & music is a refreshing change from what we all hear on the radio today. Then to read that you suffer from Bipolar & PTSD with 5 kids is remarkable. You are a incredible find and I wish you the world!!!”


“SahDaya is a diamond in the rough. This woman is a true inspiration to all those who suffer from mental illnesses and single mothers everywhere. She is proof that anything is possible.”

Single Mom Struggling

“SahDaya, You are HOT!!! What A voice and talent. Taking R&B top a whole new level. Can't wait to get the album.”

Dat Dude

“Without Music I'am Nothing”

“i just want to tell you what a big fan i am. And that i want to keep listening to your music but I can't get off of "Angry lover" and am sharing it with all my friends..congrats. keep kicking the shit outta music girl. ”

Amadeus - Reverb Artist

“Thank you for going against the grain and showing that Boston has originality. They hate you cause they can't duplicate you. Your style is allllllllll yours...”

anon - twitter

"I like ur versatality, u seem to almost not sound the same artist in each song. Ur video's are good, ur skillz are very amazing vocally. Totally entertaing to say the least. I'd like to catch a show"

Bubbojones - RN

“FU#%ING EPIC< I have yet to hear this kind of sound on here and you definitely deliver, lyrics to looks you're definitely memorable KUDOS! ”

Holockau5t - RN

“Some artists just have this great "thing" about them (an x-factor?). You are DEFINITELY that type of artist.”

B Michael L - RN



“FUTURISTIC LUVN, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow - RN

“SAHDAYA, "Angry Luva" is smokin! You have a beautiful soulful voice that cuts through and touches the heart. You're a star! ”

Emanuel David - Reverb Artist

“Omg wow unforgettable your one of a kind im.loving the vibe the music omg thanx so much I'm your new number 1 fan”


"Ur music is Beautiful and soooooooooooo are you :)...I think u are a fit for this bizznezz ur concepts are hot and your videos are lovely"


“SahDaya-so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. God is Good and I will pray for you- U will beat this thing,just like before and you are right-our music makes us stronger. Thanks for sharing your story-you are one strong Lady! Blessings on u and your family ”

Peg O&#39;Neill - RN

“love your music. Very high energy! its feel good music.. and we all need that.. keep up the good work... very unique.”

Taufi Shu&#39;lah - RN

“Baby, we love us some SahDaya. We're at a Army- Navy pre-party toe-tapping to "Fall N Luv." This artist is on da move. Digging your Chaka Khan flare baby.”

Jacq&#39;s Club - RN

"Turn right...turn back"...no matter which way you turn, SahDaya is on fire. A little bit of Chaka +a tad bit of Mary and a whole lot of Vesta. Cheers.

Jacq&#39;s Club - RN

“Listening to "FALL'N N LUV" right now! I'm really digging the song! As for your look, you're like a mixture of Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson and so is your voice. But you have your own funky style. Now that's Iconic! Oh I'll definitely remember you :)”

L. Holiday - RN

“your beauty and music captivates my heart and soul !!!!”

Kenny Crucial - RN