Sagntid / Press

“Sagntid are a 1 man band from Norway that plays a very dark form of ambient and this is a review of his 2014 single "Razor Wielder" which was released by FloodGate Moods productions. A very dark and atmospheric sound starts off the ep along with some synths that bring in elements of dungeon synth and dark ambient as well as using a variety of amny different sounding keys and the song is divided into 2 different parts. Sagntid creates a very interesting approach to dark ambient which also mixes in a bit of dungeon style synths as well as the music being all instrumental and the production also has a very dark feeling to it. In my opinion Sagntid are a very great sounding dark ambient project and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this single. 8 out of 10.”

“This compilation perfectly reflects what makes each one of these projects unique, for those who have followed the prolific career of Svest all these years, this album seems to be an interesting register as well, where you can easily appreciate and contrast each one of these projects’ characteristics, allowing you to get even deeper into the obscure and hypnotically beauty of these different approaches to Dark Ambient… Overall “Triarchy” is an interesting album, recommended to everyone into the most mysterious and obscure side of Ambient music, call it Dark, Black or whatever you like, those who wants to listen an extensive sample of each one of this projects will find at this album a remarkable experience, but I would special recommend this album to those who have listened and enjoyed the music of Svest during these more than ten years of career, this album will not disappoint you.”

“If you've heard some of the artist's works before, you'll know what to expect: the songs rely on rather mellow and melancholic acoustic guitar with soft echoing in it. It plays simple riffs with quite a bit of repetition, but they're still catchy and interesting enough to not become dull background muzak. The acoustic lines are spiced with soft and very varying electronic spices, occasional whispers and electronic guitar distortion. The album creates soft ambient, but has enough content, character and motion to stay interesting for the forty minutes. Even the production values are allright this time around..."The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid" is a soothing and beautiful album of mostly acoustic ambient music.”

“This 'Triarchy' is a three-way split by Picture Ann, Sagntid and Vornoff. All of these bands basically consist of one and the same man and do not differ much in style. It all is basically electronic ambient music with some electric guitars popping up sporadically, For all outfits the musical ingredients are rather the same: spacey synths conjure slow - and quite frankly - boring motives that are extensively repeated and things are embellished by acoustic or electric guitars. Hardly any rhythm is present and ones mind wanders off very quickly. Sleep inducing, uninteresting and not very creative.”

“Sagntid delivers excellent Ambient music that will send chills through your spine the moment the album starts warming up. With a very minimalistic approach, this is the kind of stuff you want to play on a long winter night. The first track in this release is a nearly 19 minute exploration into darkness. Filled with great atmospheric passages, Sagntid paints lush landscapes with very few elements creating a bleak and desolate feeling. We particularly love how musicians from Scandinavia can perfectly express their vast and desolate landscapes of their northern territories through music and this song is the perfect example of this...Overall, “Where the Black Dogs Cease To Bark” is quite an interesting release with an every weirder title. We like the work of the man behind Sagntid, in particular his other band Picture Ann. So if you like atmospheric and creepy Dark Ambient releases, this album is right up your alley.”

“Overall, Sagntid delivers high-quality music with a very unique and characteristic sound. While not having tons of different elements and a lot of experimentation, this release is perfect for any fan of Dark Ambient bands that are looking for a low-key release that will awake all of their senses.”

“I have little info on this one man project but it seems it was founded in 2002. This is a self-released demo containing only 1 track almost 20 minutes long. I would describe the music as a dreamy Ambient soundscape, it sugested me a calm suntet on the beach, a melancholic one I'd say. Although it's quite repetitive, it kept my attention for more than 5 auditions so this must be a good sign. I was expecting a depressive music but I'm glad I was wrong again, Sagntid managed to create a calm, optimistic, dreamy piece of art by using only keyboards, some synths, a few semi-acoustic guitar parts and whispers (although not comprehensive at all). Good stuff if you're looking for a relaxing time. Rating: 8/10”

“Ok, and here I have the newest release from Sagntid, a new official album released on 9th Meridian Records in a limited edition of only 100 copies. The 10 tracks featured here are a big difference from the 2009 demo I have just listened/reviewed, Sagntid started to base its music more on guitars and use the synth/keys part as atmospheric additive only, and since this time there are more tracks the atmosphere is different from one to another, there are more sides of Sagntid to discover. Not all tracks are good, but there are some that really involve your immagination and open diverse moods, so all in all I would say Sagntid improved in complexity and offered a bigger palette of sounds, but there's still work on the curding the whole music into a monolith side of music. Rating: 7.5/10”

“If you are into dark Ambient this might be for you.”

“...the music is quite cinematic, there is a dramatic quality to the music and a style of arranging the music that lends it self to the visual. At times Sagntid's music reminds me of Bo Hansson's music (Swedish Progg artist from the seventies that made music inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy). This is not bad at all, maybe not something that I will listen to every day but something I will pull out of the CD collection when on one of those grey, long, lonesome winter nights.”

“This is some pretty interesting stuff, that everyone should check out!”

“The music sometimes sounds like it could be used for some old time Gothic type horror movies or even some modern day Vampire movies, but not that stupid TWILIGHT crap. Check it out!”

“I really dig the music he creates a lot and people should really give him a listen and see how his music moves you!”