Sage Noreika / Press

“Wow, nice vocals!! Welcome to asylum!”

Amy Brown (Venue owner) - Facebook

“Such a sweet voice! She's great!! Glad she's been signed to my fiances label "Asylum"!! She will obtain so much success!!”

Jacqueline Ware - Reverbnation

“You know she reminds me of some older singer from teh 60's and i cannot place her for the life of me! lol Great job Sage!!”

Roger Taylor (Drummer For Queen) - Reverbnation

“The moment a close friend of mine introduced me to Sage's fantastic voice and music, instant fan!! Way to go Sage!!”

Brian May - Reverbnation

“Sage is a wonderful singer, a breath of fresh air! just what this industry needs!! Keep on going for the stars Sage!!!”

John Q. Public - Reverbnation