Safire / Press

"Led by singer-guitarist Steve Killen, Portland's 'Safire'.... plays a classy mix of progressive rock, counyry, ballads, and jazz.... A great group playing for a great cause, so you have no excuse not to go"

"At Song Revelation we believe that Safire have a winning formula of innovative song composition, profound lyrical content and incredible vocals. We’re sure that their love of and talent for music will mean they’re around for a long time and will enjoy continued success."

““Steve and his team did an awesome job. Steve in particular made an amazing contribution to the film. It was almost as if they had known they would be working on this project months before they were actually chosen. Steve had created the song “Voices,” which perfectly captured the message of the film. It was a no brainer to choose Steve and his team over Academy Award-nominated competitors, and we are glad we did.””

““Steve is really able to express his inner creative self through his playing and writing. His knowledge and skills as a musician act as mediums through which he is able to communicate clearly, melodies and phrases with heart” ”