Safer By The Shore / Press

““Mistakes” reflects upon how we pay for wrong turns we make on the road leading to now. Sometimes we are left cold and by ourselves, yet if we decide to open up to others, then we don’t have to be alone. Maybe there is some light at the end of each wrong tunnel or choice we make. “Winter Solstice” takes to task the greyest of seasons and how it affects the mentality of many people. Being stuck indoors is taxing and, unless you hibernate, those months are not easy. By holding on to memories that made you happy earlier in the year, and realizing that this will pass, everything gets brighter after the solstice.”

"We Belong in the Sky, Brien Sweet’s newest release under the name “Safer By the Shore” is the kind of album that can satisfy anyone’s musical appetite. From ambient tunes like “Awaken” & "Old Hollywood Made Smoking Look Cool”, to percussive acoustic tunes like “Circle (Spin Cycle)” & “Where It Belongs”, Sweet’s versatility shines through and every track creates a new color. It's an extremely enjoyable mix of songs; at the end you’ll be happy to hit repeat."

Alli Beaudry, Singer/Songwriter