Sacrilegious Impalement / Press

“Lux Infera 4,5/5”

K.Koskinen - Inferno mag.

"Lux Infera will be one of the best metal albums in 2013! You’ll see!"

“Superb song writing, unique compositions with lots of interesting elements and a superior performance.”

“Mortals, hear me, although 2011 is still to finish, count this as one of the paramount release of this age. Age, of which I have spoken, is for the SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT mandatory.”

"Musically, the band explores various levels in the Black Metal style, branching out to give an album with plenty of variety that holds a fluid sound from one song to the next"

"This is pure blasphemy."

"...carving out a cold slab of rotten flesh from the decaying carrion of Black Metal, consuming it with ravenous cannibalistic menace, then with ease regurgitate it and re-shape and reanimate the bile covered piece of flesh into a different shape and form from the previous one. To put it simply, if you like Black Metal you should check Sacrilegious Impalement out."