Sacrificial Blood / Press

“New Jersey's death/thrash warriors, Sacrificial Blood, are skilled in the martial arts of the elders. It's grown-people stuff. Spotless robotic chugs? Nah, they're simply not wired that way. In fact, they're not wired at all: Sacrificial Blood is an analog soldier in a digital time. Listening to SoulS for Sale, Sacrificial Blood's recently released sophomore LP, you get the feeling their flying berserker frenzies aren't about obtaining all the dollars. It's about sniffing out the one person in the crowd who also believes in a bygone age of honesty. Put your ear next to SoulS for Sale and you'll hear the same hum. Hmmmmmmm. That waveform? The ancient art of roar. Look it up and down. Get in the gums. Run your tests. It is legit. It ain't dress-up, an on-the-weekend LARP-off. Sacrificial Blood did it the hard way. The dedication paid off. SoulS for Sale is "it" in the flesh: prime, primal, heavy gosh darn metal made in the image of the old guard.”

“SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/Unholy Fuckin Hatred (Witches Brew Records) Some pure old school thrashing death metal is what you will find on this. Riffs that will rip through your body and vocals from the depths of hell itself. A band like this don't smash and bowl you over with speed, it more like with their power and delivery. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of fast stuff on here, but it is not a speed for speed sakes kind of stuff. This band play more with power and passion and riffs that had my head banging and vocals that the guy is signing big time from the heart and don't sound generic or non powerful. This reminds me of some of those old thrash and death metal demos from the mid 80's I was getting all the time and trust me I mean that as a compliment. This is a release not to be missed, just some great old school thrash metal with a bit of death metal thrown in the mix”

“Finally a full-length release from these guys, and it doesn't disappoint comprising vicious retro thrash/death metal with a slightly thin guitar sound. The more aggressive, death metal-oriented cuts ("Sacrificial Blood"; the wild shredder "Unholy Wrath") are well mixed with more moderate speed/thrashers ("Reign Of Hate"; the black metal-tinged "fury" "Desolate"), as the latter deliver more, both in terms of melody and diversity (check out "Crushing The False"). The shorter tracks are very close to hardcore ("Chaotic Compulsion"), and the guys' infatuation with classic heavy rock springs up again, first with the heavy/power metal hymn "Infernal Creation", and at the very end with the edgy, and pretty faithful at that, cover version of Rainbow's "Kill the King" (covered by several thrash metal acts through the ages: ADX, Heathen, Liege Lord, etc.), with only the brutal vocals spoiling the mood.”

“This trio play thrash metal with classic heavy metal and some death metal influences. They sound pretty tight musically and absolutely rip through the ten tracks presented here. Expect to here some really killer thrash metal with growled vocals, great riffing and quite a few solos that’ll have you wrecking your neck in no time. The ones that know great metal already know who they are but Sacrificial Blood should definitely get noticed and gain a lot of respect from the metalheads around the planet with this release. You can get a copy of Unholy Fucking Hatred from Witches Brew, the band or Mike Keller on Facebook. Definitely grab one and show these guys the support they deserve!”

“So Trasher was a nice surprise for me, but actually I bought this 7” because I wanted to hear Sacrificial Blood’s stuff, since I heard that they play good Oldschool Death Metal. And I was definitely not disappointed! There is 1 original song here called “Revenge”, which reminds me of “From Beyond” era Massacre with the fat guitars sound, deep growls and sharp solos. The second song is a cover of… MASSACRE… This is on the one hand not a surprise, but the choice of the song is pretty unexpected for me, since they covered the song “Mutilated” from Massacre’s debut demo “Aggressive Tyrant”. I heard the original version of this song on the “Tyrants of Death” release and I must admit that I prefer Sacrificial Blood’s version over the original, since the cover is recorded and produced with a much better quality (though I bet that NO ONE will EVER be able to do a cover of CORPSEGRINDER that will sound more killer than the original, haha!).”

“Man I’m a big fan of New Jersey’s thrash/death metallers Sacrificial Blood. Sacrificial Blood is made up of real metalheads with a DIY attitude and they are a true underground band. This killer release entitled “Promo 2007″ is a self-released demo from these guys and it contains three original tracks from the band and four covers. The band is fronted by Mike Keller’s thrashing drum playing and his gravelly, growling vocal delivery. You can hear some definite punk influence in Mike’s playing as well and it always impresses me when a drummer performs vocals as well...They play a decent mix of mid-paced, chugging guitar with blazing leads and some catchy thrash riffing that makes for some great headbanging. All in all, this demo is killer and definitely worth getting from these guys!”