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Transference is a new modern day Psychedelic incarnation that features a core musical unit and features guest vocalists from all around the world. To put it simply Transference takes a musical fusion of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream approach to the song writing and production style and delivers it with the pomp and ceremony of a Rick Wakeman theatrical spectacular.

The core band consists of Michael Puskas (all guitars), Ali Hughes (lead vocals), Steven Harris (keyboards, synthesizers, bass, vocals), Loughlin Harrick (drums, percussion, vocals) and is further enhanced by guest instrumentalists, John Heinrick (Flute, Sax, Oboe) and Ram Ramakar (guitars and melotron).

Presenting "Transference" a journey into the unknown and with no two performances the same, the level of unpredictability of the players and their collective presentation of the music to the audience is always a welcome surprise. With the inclusion of specialist lighting, bubble machines, strobe lighting and back projection, "Transference" creates the total visual experience. Coupled with our latest 3D animated video produced by Ben Wheatley which is currently being featured on RAGE, the band intends to raise performance art to a whole new level. Imagine a giant red ant savaging the remnants of Stonehenge and then being beamed into space to forever orbit the surrounding planets of our solar system.

The band feature a wide array of talents and performance experience to create a well rounded and highly engaging musical carousel of carnival sounds, psychedelic visuals and a deeper penetration into the psyche for those searching for more in a world spiralling out of control. As strange as the set up seems to be, each element of the performance is meticulously planned to ensure that while there is cohesion, the mileposts offered are only designed as reference points to allow the band the free form expression they need to present their art without the constraints of normal stage performance.

The band believe in the healing power of music and raising the conscious vibration of natural energy at their shows allows the band to plug into the psyche of it's audience and help heal those that have the intent to get something more out of the show than music. We consider ourselves the NEW Harmonic Generators of today and just as in ancient times where megalithic structures as the Great Pyramid served as a giant harmonic generator we firmly believe the performance stage is the place to offer, spread and condition great harmony to help with healing of the planet today.

Markets in India, China, Korea and other parts of South East Asia and South America are already embracing the Transference sound and it's growing stronger everyday. Stay tuned for a touring update shortly.

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Michael Puskas - Guitar, Ali Hughes - Vocals, Steven Harris - Keyboard, Loughlin Harrick - Drums, Ryan Kelly - Producer
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Ambient / Psychedelic / Alternative

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Heidelberg, VIC, AU
Michael Puskas

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