Sacha Petulli / Press

“Exceptional!!! Great Rythm, and Infusion of Instrumenal tempo elements. Saxman Sacha Petulli blast into beat as a ancient Elephant Rocking Gallently dancing i the Court of the Maharajah, "The Perfect Call", Spinola manages to transcend the riffs to a Musical Landscape of Rocking Oriental curves of Magical cognition. The tempo winds a free dialogue between the artists defining alternative metallic quality to resonate acoustic emphasis. A mixture Petulli ~ Spinola Masterful Music Power!!!”

“In the arts we are what we consume and I feel positively stimulated.... better.... richer... fuller... and improved in some way for having heard this piece...It should have a beneficial effect on careful listeners....The video itself is very creative and well shot...Sacha Petulli... exceptional work...Lyrics are touching.....and better vocals could not have been chosen for this composition....This a strikingly beautiful song.... Good vibes, light and friendship. Mandy ”