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“Straight out of California, Lucky Date continues his streak of ecstatic electro-house with his newest masterpiece “I Like You.” This soon to be household track features aspiring vocalist Sabrina Signs and has the addictive, high energy we all know and love. - See more at: http://daily-beat.com/lucky-date-drops-new-single-i-like-you-ft-sabrina-signs/#sthash.lpZO1Vmy.dpuf”

"No matter the weather where you are right now, summer is definitely here and it’s infectious! To immortalize your summer moments you will need the right soundtrack, and Evver has you covered. The newest addition to their apps growing independent music library is rising EDM star, Sabrina Signs, and her song “Higher”.

"If you’re fortunate, once in a lifetime, you’ll happen upon a rare individual that forces you to re-evaluate your entire paradigm; boldly challenging the sociological conditioning to which one has become accustomed. I’m proud to say that months ago, I happened upon such a fortune. Enter Sabrina Signs, an EDM phenom and coast-to-coast musical dynamo. With vocals that stir the most stoic of emotion, she infiltrates the very core of one’s essence and with surgical precision, takes your arm and leads you on a rhythmic rendevous that will foist itself upon you, WITHIN you; down to the pulse, and have you nodding your head in syncopated solidarity. Not only is she talented, well-rounded and more down to earth than the law of gravity, itself, she possesses a maturity well beyond her years and easily demonstrates that through her dedication to her craft and inimitable sense of professionalism, on and off stage."

"With her passion for music engrained in her at such a young age, California-based rising pop artist, Sabrina Signs, recalls her musical journey simply beginning with her passion to constantly sing from the moment she woke until the moment she slept"

“Trance - EDM.com Posted "Sand" on Soundcloud! Thank you EDM.com”

"If this is the first time you're hearing of Sabrina Signs, you're in trouble. She's about to steal your heart away from you. But only for a few good minutes! Listen up. Sabrina Signs is a singer/songwriter from San Jose who co-produces these MASSIVE progressive-electro house tunes with her comrade Lenny Ruckus. Together these two make straight fire. Like, take one legit peruse through her SoundCloud...it's a steady stream of hits. So dope! Check out their latest together, "Higher", below. It's freaking radical."

"We’ve been needing something like this! Meet Sabrina Signs. She’s a singer/songwriter from San Jose (right in our backyard!), and she makes really really really good electro, progressive-house stuff with co-producer Lenny Ruckus. Never saw this coming in a million years… Very impressed. Below is her and Lenny’s latest effort, “Higher”. You will love the heavy-hitting beat and bass, the crispy synths and, of course, you will really LOVE Sabrina’s voice. Enjoy!"

"Sabrina Signs, She’s definitely got it going on"

“Sabrina Signs is not your ordinary 18 year old. Smart, grounded and wise, she rose from hardship and landed in a studio equipped with her voice and songwriting skill.”

"Hey Anthony" by Sabrina Signs -- "Sabrina lists her genre as EDM but this song is a folk-infused pop song, a blend of roots, pop and country reminiscent of von Grey. The vocal layering creates an amazing harmony echo that drives this effort. The simple guitar accents Sabrina's heartfelt lyrics. The combination is aurally appeasing."

"Victim of Love" now on Rotation RadioDiego.com 101.5 FM Netherlands @RadioDiego

“Editor Shanka Goswami of BayFashion Magazine was quoted to say “Sabrina Signs is a promising new teenage singer from the heart of silicon valley’s San Jose. Sabrina is only 16 years old but already has a dozen songs in iTunes with thousands of fans on Facebook following her every move. She is poised to become the teenage music icon of the San Francisco Bay””

“Bay Fashion Magazine Choose Sabrina Signs for the December 2011 Feature! Go Sabrina!”

“Hi Sabrina, you are so pretty wearing Skylier WEAR. Your songs fit my collection and brings with it a whole new market. I been receiving wonderful comments from family and friends about you. Your are inspiring and a wonderful role model."”

“Z100.1 Fostoria Ohio will be spinning Sabrina Signs tunes starting 4/25/2011!! Thank you to Dave from z100.1!”

“Sabrina Signs Music will be on Rotation with Phoenix Broadcasting Company!!!”

“Sabrina Signs was Awarded Best Female Singer from the Be That Kid's Choice Awards December 2010 at the Historic Hoover Theater”

“San Jose State University FM KSJS is spinning Halfway 2 Neptune - Live interview with Sabrina and DJ Francisco Jillian Perez”

FranciscoJillian Perez - FM KSJS

“Halfway 2 Neptune will be on the CD Compilation for the Troops in Iraq - 350,000 copies! Thank you z100.1 Sabrina Supports the Troops!”

Fostoria Ohio FM Radio - z100.1

“Sabrina Signs has signed with Stars the Agency for Film, Commercial, Modeling and Voice Over Work! Congratulations Sabrina Signs!”

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"Sabrina has great potential of landing a label." says Terry Garner...

“Featured Artist of the Month for May 2009 On FM Z100.1!!!”

Z100.1 FM Radio - Z100.1 FM Radio