Sabrina-Michelle / Press

“The world has been waiting for an artist that can merge unique variations of pop and the rhythmic sound of hip-hop. Sabrina-Michelle captures the essence of what is described as just an overall ‘feel good’ experience. She dares her listeners to be swept into her world of sound where free spirit is the focal point. You will find why Sabrina-Michelle is making a name for herself independently and why the rest of the world should have the opportunity to get to know her.”

Sabrina-Michelle Publicist

“This Friday we are at it again!! Two Evenings Soul Vets ( B Soulz, The Dime) will be welcoming our new 'Electric Lady' Sabrina-Michelle, to the Washington Inn!! She writes all her songs and if have witnessed my insomini-cidal tendencies, she has the true "Hustle Gene".”

Alex Osborne