Sabrina Gilbert / Press

“There are so many different places to discover new and exciting music because of the world wide web. Artists today are using everything and anything to have their voices. One of these sites Is called Reverbnation and that is where this reviewer heard the bombastic voice of Sabrina Gilbert and the six song selection entitled “The Good Look Mix Tape”. Sabrina Gilbert is a highly regarded spoken word artist in the word of poetry and an up and coming actress. The Good Look Mix Tape gives us another side of this multi talented artist.The tracks start with “Boss”, featuring Live Wire. This is a take no prisoners aggression letting us know she is not to be pushed around by any of us.Sabrina ends it all with “Just Business” and she wants you to know that it is just a matter of time before she hits it big. Through it all Sabrina Gilbert gives us, the listener, powerful upbeat music that should be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere you can dance to it.”

“Sabrina Gilbert brings a refreshing difference to Balitmore's sometimes flat poetry scene. Her poetry is unmistakably intentional but undeniably original!”