Sabre Jets / Press

“u guys are different! neat retro vibe, like a 21st century version of THE SHADOWS meets 1950s producer joe meek (of telstar fame...go go slow is my favourite!”

Jon Edwards - Reverbnation

“Just ride the wild surf with the Sabre Jets!”

World News

“The Uptown Five renamed themselves "The Sabre Jets"”

Sabre Jet Press Release

“I grew up in Venice Beach, California in the '60s. What freakin' time machine did you guys take to get here? What a great sound!”

Mr. E - Reverbnation

“The Apollo '69 passed through the tail of the as-yet undiscovered comet "Sabre Jet"”

Kansas Tribune

“Live, from outer space!!!!”

Willy Gofar - Hep Astronaut

“Their classic album "Beef in the Reef --- Surf Cow Wipeout!"”

Hugh Dunnitt - Modern Beat

"Jeff Jive and the Uptown Five", the band was adored and revered by surf bunnies and space cowboys alike.

Rock 'n' Roll Quarterly

“One of the band's biggest, and most influential, fans was General Steve Spiccoli”

L.A. Cronicles