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Sabbath Crow / Press

“Sabbath Crow (Austin) sounds pretty demented. They're kind of like punk and metal with a bunch of manic and chaotic riffs. They're pretty wicked. You should see them if you're into original sounding bands.”

“Last night was the benefit for Houston at Headhunters, and I was thrilled to finally be able to see Sabbath Crow. After a year hiatus, they returned to the stage a few weeks ago at Red 7. The show last night I have to say, was unlike anything I have seen or heard before. Their sometimes eerie and almost psychedelic sounds coupled strikingly with guitarist and vocalist J. Bybee's rough growling voice to produce a very unique sound. J. and his wife, bassist Kristin Bybee, were awesome together on stage and obviously fed off of each other's energy. All in all, they executed their particular brand of hard rock boldly and passionately, to great effect. The night was a great success and it seemed that, given the number of people there, a lot of money was raised for Houston.”

“Sabbath Crow defies definition and classification of their music. Taking the same approach as the real outlaws who came before them, Sabbath Crow makes their own music without limits or rules.”

“You guys rocked us out-fuckin awesome show! LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!...Thanks for continuing to bring such incredible sounds indulging my ears to bleed with pleasure.”

“Sabbath Crow -- Not just a band... an EXPERIENCE!! THANK YOU for being as incredible as you guys are! You totally made my day/night tonight. :)”

“Y'all are just awesome!”

“Another great show last night!”

“You guys rocked the house last night.”

“You guys fricken Rule.. I guess that's old news.”

“The New tune's kick ASS!!!! Only the best from the Crow.....”

“You guys fucking rocked last night. Love y'all so much.”

“that was an awesome show last night”

“Technical difficulties, blown electric supplies, broken strings do not even slow down real Rock n Fuckin Rollers like Sabbath Crow!!!”

“Hey Sabbath Crow...The new tune's kick Ass!!!Rockin,Swampy,groovin' sounds of sweet pure hell!!! Keep it up,your buds~~Harry Slik~~”

“tremendous show tonight! you guys are the best.”

“Ya'll melted my face off yesterday!”

“You three crushed at Headhunters on Saturday!!! We loved every minute of it.”

“If there was a 1%er patch for rock bands, you boys (and girl) would be the first on the list to sport one!!!”

“You guys rule!!!! PLUS, the shirt rocks.....got stickers of the band on my truck!!!!”

“show last night at 710 was incredible!!! what a great dose of SC”

“yall are the coolest.”

“...i love you with all my heart...i can't wait to get my hands on an album...love and gratitude from your #1 fan, -kimberly”

“Fucking awesome show!”

“Katrina refugees and music scene veterans Sabbath Crow pull off both metallic thrash and swampy stomp with equal aplomb, and the appreciative audience hooted, hollered, and headbanged as if at a rock and roll pep rally.”

Molly Terrell - Austin Berzerker Magazine

“Bassist Kristin Bybee and drummer Ric Furley held down the stage and kept the rhythm while guitarist and vocalist J. Bybee, ever the consummate showman, frequently abandoned his vintage mic and delay pedals and leapt into the crowd for his solos.”

Molly Terrell - Austin Berzerker Magazine

“The highlight of the set was definitely “1319”, their self-described “New Orleans song.” J.’s rumbling vocals – especially dangerous here -- combined supremely with the sexy give-and-take between his guitar and Kristin’s bass. This is a band deeply in synch with each other...”

Molly Terrell - Austin Berzerker Magazine

“LOVE THAT SABBATH CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“It's working with bands like you that makes my job worthwhile. You guys always put on a great show, no matter what. As far as I'm concerned, you guys are family and are always welcome. I look forward to many great shows. Thank you so much for being a friend and making Redrum a great place to be!!”

“Last night's show was just what the doctor ordered. Even if ya'll didnt play jessie's girl.”

“You guys were ON FIRE last night! Hahahaha! Is that the proper term for last night? I had such a good time watching you guys AND I liked that you replayed songs for those of us who had not gotten to the show earlier. Awesome, awesome, awesome, super triple dog dare awesome.”

“SABBATH CROW can change YOUR life.”

“Good holy fucking amazing. You guys tore shit up so awesome tonight.”


“Ya'll fuckin' stomp MUCH bootie!! You gotta fan for life...”

“As soon as I get Hellbopolis out of my head, switching priorities to "Puttin' the SC experience flat dab in the middle of Europe and/or Japan"....they need it, they'll get it, and ya'll have the destiny and duty to the world to get it there....kacaw. The CROW has spoken....nuff said.”

“Get the F%#K out of my post-show dreams....Hellbopolis as the soundscape for a dream of searching for the remnants of human life in a deserted city is not my idea of a relaxed post-show sleep pattern....I may sue for psychic damage....make it go away.”

“Hellboppolis rules!”

Wicked - Sabbath Crow Comments

“...Guitar slayer and vocal scrambotchulator J. Bybee is a mighty presence to behold; a snake-oiled voodoo dad that owns the stage and swindles the crowd. On the mike he's a gruff-throated rockevangelist. On the axe he's a funked-up freakazoid thrashmaster, driven with a Primus-esque tension...”

Bek Sabbath - Whoopsy! Magazine


“You fuckers aren't even a band. You're a GOD-DAMNED RELIGION!!! Thanks for the baptism by fire last night kids! As fucking always............”

“yall play some crazy shit.......... ”


“You guys rock! Good to hear bands that have there own sound and do their thang well. Simon”

“You've got a pretty unique sound!!”

“i think yall have one of the weirdest fuckin sounds, but fuckin dig it hardcore...wicked crazy like primus but kickass horrorpunk toones.hellbilly to die to!stay decayed!”

“Awesome show Friday night! You guys were the standout band of the whole event! Memphis will never be the same again. Thanks for helping out. Mere words cannot express my gratitude.”

“You guys are straight up evil and we love it!”

“Ya'll Kill!!!! SS>”

“Love it! Especially Coal Driven... Rock and Roll! xxx”

“Hey 'Sabbath Crow"....Always loved your guitar driven, Bayou Swampy Flavor!!! Now mix in a new drummer(Hello Ric) and a Austin vibe, J & Kristin have creatated a monster masterpiece called "Sunburnt"...Rock on S.C....Kudo's from your Gulfcoast friend's~Harry Slik Band”

“The new recording is "scary"!”

“Sunburnt... RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWKS!!!!!!!!!!”

“But I thought Sabbath Crow was ALL ABOUT feelings and kindness. I feel betrayed. And violated. And corrupted. BUT these songs will be on my short list of "Songs to Fuck the HELL outta someone to". Ow. I'm sore already.”

“THIS IS THE REAL DEAL...extreme originality...you give new meaning to the Laws of Relativity warping Time/Space. J's extraordinary guitar work, Kristin's sonic bass pulse, and Senor Furley's percussive barrage re-define the frequency/energy response paradigm...”

“CROW proved that that they are perhaps moving toward being the premier guardians of the sonic universe in Austin...welcome, welcome to planet Austin. All on our fan list have been notified, warned and encouraged to witness and support the SC mothership....geez, what must ya'll dream at night????”

“...sound & performance just may be on the cusp of re-defining...electricity & the ability to manipulate sound waves...Comparisons are useless....SC was beyond "live" & teeters on the edge of alternate sonic universes....my ears were drawn into your gravity field, but I may never escape.”

“...once hearing SC, your brain synapses will need an "Under Construction" sticker.... choice quality professional ORIGINALITY....pure and simple....and screw anyone to the contrary. Many. many thanks for the out of body experience....E=MC5+SC.”

“Thank you for my now destroyed mind”

“Great playing with ya'll!!! You were awesome!!! Can't wait to do it again!!! Sabbath Crow RULES!!!”

“wow!! very UNIQUE arranegments! i LOVE the style!!”