“Breaking SEXY action STEPPER news. This is a scary one folks. Kista Smallbottom reporting live from the STEPPER show taking place out side Ash Street Saloon tonight Jan 8 2014. This was supposed to be a simple metal show with out of town band Lights Demise and local metal act Here from Apathy. But early in the set something went totally wrong. During STEPPER's Loner Stoner in the 4th fatality section the band released a H1N1 bomb into the crowd. The crowd went wild and started drinking the stuff. But I fear there's gonna be some deep repercussions for this deliberate act of giving others the flu. Reporting LIVE for Channel 7 Sexy action STEPPER news this has been a breaking news story by Kista Smallbottom. C ya next time boyzz and girlzz.”

Kista Smallbottum - Channel 7 sexy action STEPPER news

“N. Korea has test fired missles to scare STEPPER from perfoming on the 30th of June at the Red Room. N. Korea dislikes STEPPER because they stand for stuff thats rad. In response the Doc rolled his eyes and went back asleep mumbling "I can dodge missles baby" ”

Kista Smallbottom - Channel 7 Sexy Action STEPPER News