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"Fountain Hills resident Ryan Tree’s aim in life is to make a difference. His latest work, “End to the Suffering,” is a haunting song about a soldier suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The film was showcased at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. His abilities as a wordsmith propel him forward in songwriting and storytelling."

"Ryan Tree is a fantastic songwriter, singer and musician. His debut album Illusions is an amazing first effort featuring rock-solid songs and a great overall vibe. This is an artist with an authentic, personal musical voice and here at RUST Magazine we – literally – cannot say enough good things about him. But what really makes this artist, and this album special, can be summed up in one phrase: crossover appeal."

"Phoenix musician Ryan Tree has teamed with Director Shanice Malakai to pay tribute to Veteran's Day in one of the best ways possible. Tree, a philanthropist and animal welfare activist wanted to shed light on the topic of PTSD. The video is a deep-seated one, showing how harrowing it can be to sit in one’s living room and recollect the times of a mental and physical war. The video is chilling to say the least."

"Ryan is a great musician with true passion and a super down to earth personality, which makes working with him a true joy. I look forward to hearing more of his music in the future."

“There is definitely the potential for this group to get big and I could easily see them being on the radio or selling out a live venue. The singer has a very clear voice and seems like he's sure of himself. Reminds me a little of a softer AFI. I'd see this band live at a show.”

ReverbNation Crowd Review

“This song was perfect in every way. I loved everything about it and knew from the very start that I would enjoy listening to it. He has such a nice sounding voice that really warmed my heart. It made me want to continue listening to him singing when it ended.”

ReverbNation Crowd Review

“Amazing piano playing. Lyrics are very relatable. Singer has a very good vocal range. The song drew me in from the beginning. This song is a shoe in for a spot on the radio.”

ReverbNation Crowd Review