Ryan Purcell and the Last Round / Press

"Ryan Purcell and the Last Round reminds me of Paul Westerberg’s The Replacements with an added Kenny Loggins feel … something. I don’t know. I do know this band equals a fun night!"

Ron - The Weekly Volcano

"Speaking for the ladies, Purcell's voice is kind of honky tonk sex. Makes you think of waking up in strange room, hearing the shower, noticing cowboy boots that aren't yours tumbled on the floor and instantly regretting what you don't remember about the night before"

Cricket - Hardcore troubadours

"Purcell's battle-scarred vocals lead the singalongs on topics like whiskey, gambling, Alabama, marijuana, beer, Jesus, mud, lying to himself, politics, being forty-four years old, gin, sweat, gunpowder, blood and just flat out anti-war rants. "

Mark - 75 or Less

"Singer/guitarist Purcell has a knack for making themes of disappointment and loss irresistible not only with his dry humor but also with the effortless beauty in his hooks. "

Ron - Weekly Volcano

"thoughtful, clever, funny, and teeny-bit-sarcastic lyrics. delivered with a bar rocker's shout over a grungy-country combo. Ryan Purcell is an impressive talent we look forward to hearing more from "

Tom Pederson - Victory Music Review

"Great foot-tapping tunes, but there's heft in them thar songs! Ryan Purcell delivers them all with a dash of country, the blues, soul and grit. All plastered on top of a base of rollicking folk. "

John Worley - Aiding and Abeting

"IT HAS A HIGHER GEAR THAN MOST OF THE OUTSIDER/SELF RELEASED CD’S MENTIONED HERE. One of those rare examples of roots rock that is not ashamed to get its hands dirty."

Fabio Cerbone - Roots Highway Italy