Ryan Oyer / Press

““By tackling subject matter that has been explored so often by so many, Oyer has set himself an even harder target to hit and yet manages to do so flawlessly. His songs are so well written, so honest and sincere and so beautifully executed that they are a genuine pleasure to hear, no matter how jaded you may be. Put simply, Oyer has mastered the form.””

“...this guy is no one- hit wonder.”

“There is a buzz about Ryan Oyer. People point when they see him, whispering, “He’s the guy that wrote that song.” The song, called “Rabbit Hole,” as good songs do, has outgrown its creator and taken on a life of its own.”

“There are plenty of artists who claim to be inspired by British Invasion bands, but their impact on Ryan Oyer doesn't end at the buttonhole on his Beatles guitar strap.”

“super-catchy song 'Rabbit Hole'.”