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“...has a real knack for beautiful melodies and that is a gift. You can't teach that.”

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“...Sleepless Nights Water Rights (Independently released CD, Pop) Our first reaction...Hey, these guys kinda sound like The Rutles...! Being big fans of Neil Innes from way back, this immediately helped us to warm up to this band's ultimately friendly sound. Some of these melodies...and certainly the vocals...will remind many listeners of Innes' warm inviting voice. But these folks aren't copying anyone, although their simple guitar-driven tunes recall a great many classic artists from the past. Songs are what matters most with any artist..and songs are what make Sleepless Nights Water Rights such a rewarding spin. By keeping their tunes simple, these folks force listeners to concentrate on the basics. And when the songs are this good, that's really all you need. This twelve track album is resilien”

“They call it roots rock, the harder edge of the Americana genre. As produced by John Bush, Sleepless Nights Water Rights, their second release, rocks large with rhythmic shuffles and satisfying curveballs of asymmetrical surprises. If the lyrics sometimes feel like you’re sitting next to a guy at a bar who’s constantly complaining, just go with it. After repeated listening, it makes more sense.”

“Sleepless Nights Water Rights... This one's for all the in-betweeners fluttering in uncertainty. Though still grounded in the beery, roots-rock atmospherics of its 2008 debut, Fluoxetine's second album summons the contemplative phase of the buzz. The part where you long for people and things you probably don't even want to revisit. Ryan Morris nails this ambivalent nostalgia on "Your Hometown" when he sings, "You can never go home again/Anyway you don't want to." "Strange Disease" is a harrowing meditation on love's agonies that culminates in a smoldering guitar solo from Landis Armstrong. "Look Around This Room" is an existential chip off the block of George Jones' "The Grand Tour," while the heady flange-pop of "Last Night You Rang" is more akin to latter-day Badfinger. Perhaps Sleepless Nights revels in heartbreak, defeat, and generalized disconnectedness a bit too much for its own good, but the standout songs provide the same brand of solace as a steadfast drinking buddy.”

“Texas Top 10s Fri., Jan. 2, 2009 2008 MUSIC TOP 10S GREG BEETS1) White Denim, Exposion (Transmission Entertainment) 2) Alejandro Escovedo, Real Animal (Back Porch/Manhattan/EMI) 3) Future Clouds & Radar, Peoria (The Star Apple Kingdom) 4) The Krayolas, La Conquistadora (Box) 5) Gretchen Phillips, I Was Just Comforting Her (Seasick Sailor) 6) Fluoxetine, Two Weeks & Holidays 7) Shootin' Pains, Pray Like Crazy 8) Adam Ahrens, Fond du Lac (Trampa) 9) Alexander's Dark Band, Music to Stand by the Fireplace To 10) The Devil Bat, Lingers Like a Ghost (Sister Skull) ”

“...jagged barroom rock augmented by flashes of Neil Young guitar immolation, crisp AM radio pop, and ad hoc philosophical wordplay.”

“Ryan Morris has this pleasant voice that sounds like a cross between a coherent Bob Dylan and Tom Petty”