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“It was a great evening at the First Sunday Songwriter Showcase. Thanks to the incredible Ryan Michael Galloway. Ryan headlined the evening with set that was moving, funny, and completely entertaining...It wouldn't have been the same without his effort.”

Aaron Shook - Facebook

"...you hear a real star with his outstanding wealth of talent and songwriting..."

“Wow! I don't even know how to thank Ryan Michael Galloway enough. It was so easy to put on a house concert. The feeling I had watching my family, friends, and neighbors all smiling and enjoying the music was wonderful. I made several new friends by inviting my neighbors. I definitely recommend his house concerts!”

Deanna Christian - Facebook

“Using a folk form fused with Jazz, Ryan will lead the audience on a winding adventure through different soundscapes, landscapes, and milieus. Ryan has been a songwriter and performer for over 40 years.”

“Although it has been close to a month ago I am still wrapped in the warmth and glow of the house concert you and Benjamin Grant Mason gave at our home. I loved the original compositions and the oldies just carried me back to our HS days in waves of good memories. Your smooth and honeyed tones have only gotten better over the years and your guitar and harmonica technique just blows me away! I can't begin to thank you for doing this for my friends and Larry and I. It is an evening I will remember and treasure all my life!”

Deb King Unger - FaceBook

“I co-hosted a house (yard in my case) concert this weekend with Ryan!....He comes to your house.. your living room.. whatever and plays! Yes Live in your house!! How awesome would that be? I can tell you it is fabulous!”

“Sprinkled throughout are these bright flashes of musical inspiration, as Galloway explores outward from what might have become a see-sawing template of up- and down-tempo country rock tracks – and far afield of the polyester-era’s singer-songwriter aesthetic. He dives headlong, for instance, into a rustic rockabilly on “Horseshoe Road Inn,” this snarky late-night romp, and then stirs in some fizzy Texas swing on “My Dog Thinks I Am””

“Buckle up, you are about to take a journey. 60s and 70s performers experimented with multiple styles. Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, and James Taylor strode from Folk to Jazz. The Beatles tipped their hats to the 40s while stretching the boundaries into Indian, Blues, and hard-edged Rock. The Rolling Stones turned in classic Rock- and Blues-influenced recordings and eventually even infused Disco into their lexicon. All the while, a developing Ryan Michael Galloway just couldn’t stop writing songs representing a variety of tastes. At the center of his music is Folk-Jazz, songs with more than three chords, more than simple triads, and a layering of poetically-crafted lyrics that surprisingly read as well as they sing. To that, add a dash of expert bluesy, edgy Rock guitar playing and an occasional touch of Country—even that good ol’ Texas Swing. The combination is enough to drive the music marketers crazy, but provides you—the listener—with far more than a collection”

Tom Kreason, Director of the Texas Musicians Museum - "All Dressed Up" Liner Notes

“House concerts and intimate performances provide some of the most challenging situations for musicians, and Ryan Michael Galloway loves these small and quieter venues. “The opportunity to tell stories and perform songs while looking into the eyes of the audience brings an energy level to the experience that simply cannot be recreated in a larger hall,” he says. "Naked Numbers" captures the essence of the small-venue, with a “mostly-acoustic” approach to the songs. The pace is a bit slower, the delivery more direct—an almost tactile way of engaging in the words and the music. The songs themselves embrace a wide variety of styles; evidence that RMG is first and foremost, a songwriter. While it makes his music difficult to categorize, it gives the listener a joy-ride through Folk, Jazz, Rock and Country influences, more like listening to a radio show than to one artist. An open mind will be rewarded by a breezy journey, with smiles, laughs, and deeper thoughts along the way.”

Michael "The Mudcat" Reames - Naked Numbers Liner Notes

“Ryan Michael Galloway is one of the more diversified and multi-talented musicians the Texas Musicians Museum has had perform at our many music festivals. He is a creative songwriter and has the unique ability to give an old song a new feeling that was not there before. Not only is he an incredible musician, he is also a supporter and board member for the TMM and has made some very special contributions that we cannot thank him for enough. His development of a social network for the TMM using his own resources, financially and creatively, is further proof of his unselfish desire to help not only the TMM, but other musicians. Ryan’s dedication to music, and to the history of it, is a perfect example of a true class act musician that the TMM is very proud to be associated with.”

Tom Kreason, Director - The Texas Musicians Museum

“...as long as he played, we wish he could have played longer—we were still humming his tunes the next day.”

Debra Grundy - Grundy Event

“Requested often, Ryan plays to the audience and brings with him a great following. He is very talented, his skills are amazing, and it shows each time he performs. You need to check him out. A sure crowd pleaser.””

Deanna Ross - Lone Star Wine Cellars

“Ryan Michael Galloway performs regularly at our wine tasting room in downtown McKinney, Texas, and his performances are always a great hit with our customers. Time and again he shows up, brings a following, pleases the regulars, and gathers more fans. He involves the audience in his performances, makes sure everyone has a great time, and always puts on a fun show.” He is always prompt, courteous and professional and has a great work ethic.”

Deanna and Ron Ross - Lone Star Wine Cellars and Triple "R" Ranch and Winery

“I've known Ryan Michael Galloway for years and not only is he an extremely talented musician but he's also a great resource for indie artists. He's written some really helpful books and hosts a nightly video blog. --Madalyn Sklar”