Ryan Jackson Troika / Press

“Jackson now has a full-fledged rock band unlike no other past or present. And his new vision was put to tape on his recent 2013 release, Plethora. Don’t let the complexity scare you away though. Despite the otherworldly sound and the, well, plethora of musical styles, his sophomore LP has eleven straight tracks of straight-up songs. You know, tunes; the kind you can sing in the shower, or hum in your car on the way to work. These compositions, though all great on the first listen, reveal more and more layers to themselves upon every listen. One of the stand out tracks, “Sink Piles”, is a super catchy hybrid of hard rock and jazz and repays listen after listen with little new quirks and surprises. Jackson’s voice somehow gets even sexier as the album progresses, and every single back up musician is able to find exactly their place in this vibrant museum of sound. Plethora is a huge step away from the really great Out of Nothingness, but luckily its one huge step forward.”

“It is said that music - the really good stuff, mind you - will take you places. Ryan Jackson Troika’s “Pleasure Or Pain” doesn’t just take you some place. It whisks you away, gets you the best table, a fine cut suit and a few other fancy accessories, like perhaps a pinky ring or an eyepatch. This song won’t drop you off and leave you be; it sticks with you, sidling up and telling the locals impressive lies about your prowess with knives or other such daring things. There is an element of danger to “Pleasure Or Pain,” as if to say it is on your side - for now. The sound of precarious balance permeates this song; it is dancing on a tightrope. If the song is doing anything risky, it certainly doesn’t seem to be worried - “Pleasure Or Pain” struts its stuff without a care in the world, swaying in time to the loose beat of jazzy guitar chords all the way across the room. The melody dances across the walls like a reflection of the tasteful lighting in some interesting cl”