Ryan Innes / Press

“The pop crooner has more raw talent than the majority of Top 40 radio combined. His seemingly effortless, smooth as silk vocals will caress your ears with a savory passion, and his sweet melodies will burrow into your memory like a musical tape worm…in a good way I swear!”

“My friends told me Ryan's voice was ear candy, and my ears are licking up this song: (Call To Arms) ”

“Still easily one of THE freshest acts Rexburg has seen in a while, Ryan Innes brought the funk and brought it hard.”

“Ryan Innes was in one of my listening sessions and I was totally dumbfounded about 5 seconds into his song. As soon as that buttery, strong, soft, sexy voice started belting out of the tiny CD player, I stopped it and looked at this quiet, humble, shy face in the audience and asked “Is that you singing?” I couldn’t believe it....We could use a humble, organic adult out there bringing some delicious soul back into the field.”

“Ryan Innes' voice is like white chocolate. You know that Lindor advert with the melted chocolate? Yeah, exactly like that. He’s got a perfect voice, and he implements it with such intelligence into his seamlessly written songs.”

“Ryan isn’t messing around when it comes to emotion and meaning with his lyrics.”

"...I want him to play at my wedding...in 10 years. You free Ryan?"

Jennifer Hardman - PCTV Morning Show

“I heard good things about Ryan's voice long before I ever saw him perform live. And when I finally did, it all made sense. That voice is going to open up a lot of doors for him in the future.”

“He has a voice and talent, that will be around for years to come.”