Ryan Humbert / Press

“Humbert Paints a Master With New Album Release: "Sometimes The Game Plays You" has a boatload of great singles that incorporate Humbert’s unique Americana pop-rock signature style.”

"Sometimes The Game Plays You" plays to the upbeat exactly where it should and finds comfort in the down-tempo at just the perfect moment. Talents like this don’t come along often."

"Sometimes The Game Plays You,’ is both a great album and also perfect break-up music; should you need it!

““Sometimes The Game Plays You” is by far Humbert’s most consistent and, in his words, “honest” outing. Specifically, the haunting “Tattoo” and “Boulevard to Nowhere” may be the best individual songs he has ever written.”

“Akron singer-songwriter Ryan Humbert demonstrates a mastery of American music that rivals almost anyone’s.”

“Humbert seems to have been not only born to play music, but to write, sing, produce and even market music. He sings with a powerful vibrato not often associated with pop and alt-country. The tone he delivers is matched only by the feverish pace with which he crafts his lyrical artform. However, what truly separates Humbert from all others is his uncanny ability to market music in unique ways.”

“Catchy ear-friendly melodies and toe-tapping grooves.”

“Humbert is a dynamo…eager and rapid-fire…a catalyst for and enthusiastic supporter of the N.E. Ohio music scene.”

“'Keeps Me Coming Back For More' will make Rob Thomas jealous and may just be the best power-pop ballad I’ve heard from anybody all year.”

“Old Souls, New Shoes showcases his increasing confidence with material that combines both a hard-hitting anthemic urgency and a hauntingly dark edge.”