Ryan Hammer / Press

“Ryan Hammer's music takes a prolific approach to a time-tested relationship between guitar and man. In other words- It's the kind of music that people will be holding their lighters in the air to for generations to come.”

“Ryan Hammer's music has a versatile sound of its own. He's a very talented musician and it's only a matter of time before he blows up globally.”

“Ryan Hammer's music is what I like to call the real deal! He brings his soul into it. He has mastered his craft and you can hear the passion he puts into every track. No doubt in my mind that he will be on top of the charts sooner than later!”

“Raw and real.”

“Definitely something soothing to listen to when you've had a long day. Trill stuff.”

“Feel good music. ”

"Hey your music is sickk man! mad talent!"

"dude you got mad skills i suscribed you have amazing vocals good job keep up the great work..."

"Ok I'm hooked ! You're awesome. You have it all - the writing skills - the playing skills and you have the voice - and it all comes across as honest and impacting. I am so pleased you invited me to subscribe. Thank you much !"

"...I love your style of music :D I'm totally subscribing your channel <3 <3"

"...really good stuff. i subscribed too. definitely like your style of music. looking forward to more vids(:"

"Looove the music! I subscribed to you (:"

"...had some time to visit your channel. Stunning! Great music and rapidly becoming a favorite. I'm passing the link along to some of my like minded friends."

“Ryan, It starts and ends with the music....your doing a great job! H&K RBK”

“...you're probably the first i've run across with real talent man. Love the vids. Love the diverse stylings. Fresh, fresh.”

“...he combined his ambition to be the "best" into his ability to organize words and song so that it would be adored by all.”



“Ryan Hammer is not your typical singer-songwriter. This Columbia, MD product can definitely hold his own just with his acoustic guitar and his incredible voice (see "Famous" and "Take it Slow" as two great examples) but this is a truly versatile singer and songwriter. Check out his collaboration with hip hop artists including "I Wanna Stare At The Sun (featuring Wahoo)" or "Right Away w/Kayda Luz" and believe it or not his track "Beautiful Night" with Kanye West! Ryan's got a ton of great songs and many of them can be downloaded for free on his reverbnation site (http://reverbnation.com/RyanHammer) so check out what this amazing and talented artist has to offer!”

“I'm so happy that someone recommended me to you. You are a fantastic artist! If ever you make your way to Texas, please come to Houston! We'd love it!! Cheers! ~Heidi P.S. I agree..YOU SHOULD BE FAMOUS!!”

"The first verse of 'Famous' is a summary of every experience I had when I was a kid, going to shows and meeting my idols and telling them how much I wanted to be like them when I grew up. The third verse is me now, realizing my dreams, living the life I love to live every single day."

"Ryan Hammer is a great mix of eclectic and acoustic soul. You can really relate to his music and vibe. ITS HAMMERTIME!! "

“Ryan takes acoustic rock and lends his strong vocals to produce some great modern music. Ryan is from our nations capital, Washington DC. He plays a mean guitar and the piano as well. Freedom is what we are striving for, that moment when we are all free to do as we please”