Ryan Farish / Press

"Ryan Farish is challenging the notion of what "chill" electronica can be. Packed with emotion and brimming with technical prowess, each one of his tracks flies in the face of critics who dismiss EDM as inconsequential."

Anand Harsh - TheUntz.com​

"Music is beautiful, it explains some things we never can say with words... and Ryan has once again delivered a masterful story with Spectrum."

Christian Alva - Electronica Life

"Spectrum, as many great albums will, leaves a sweet comfort lingering about long after listening."

Mitchell Treend - The Untz

"(Ryan Farish) releases an all new original studio album called Spectrum in which we’re seeing him explore the depths of his own creativity."

Audiable Chemistry

"Ryan Farish has produced a masterpiece, a kaleidoscope of emotion came over me while listening to this 20 track compilation (on Spectrum) that sounds like it was ripped from God’s own playlist."

Electronica Life

"As an uplifting mature medium, "Beautiful" bridges the generation gap between the worlds of classical radio and the dance pop culture of out youth."

B. Garret - Hampton Roads Magazine

“Los Angeles music Industry magazine, "Music Connection" refers to Ryan Farish as a "Download King".”

Music Connection