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“Your voice is absolutely amazing! Spencer Joyce: Your music is passionate and intense.Nothing is done for “show” or to impress, and each note is full of meaning. Mother nature has blessed you with amazing vocals (with or without training) Cry me a river", as the song develops, more instruments join in, allowing them to remain the “star” of the piece for a while. Colourful and passionate, this would be a haunting piece at the end of a film, or an amazing stage production. I could dance or easily choreograph a dance routine with this one. MAGIC. Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as"Genre Fuse": Very beautiful voice Ryan...I broke out in goosebumps as soon as it started Hillbilly Dix Cry me a River - fantastic ! ADRIAN DEE Beautiful voice Ryan!! You do your countryman Elton proud on "Your Song RANDY BARB: 'Your Song', lovely cover of this Elton John song. I've heard many covers, all very derivative, but none as personal and individual as yours, nice interpretation. Robyn-Jane ”


“@RyanCregan #Quote from Article in the @The_Gazette #Queen were really good, they were great performers and had great music..... :) @RyanCregan #Quote on #FreddieMercury from @The_Gazette I like his music and it really inspires me and I thought this was something good to do @RyanCregan #Quote from Article in the @The_Gazette on #CD - I'm excited to be doing it and can't wait for it to be released :) ”

Alex Ross - Blackpool Gazette

“20 years on the 24th remembering Freddie Mercury...Gone but not forgotten!”

“Ryan Cregan's Management Team has been working on a single with Ryan and EMI for re-release, recording has now taken place and all shall be revealed in November, the launch night will be November 18th 2011, keep up to date with all news by joining Ryan's social networking sites and his website!”

“Published on Tuesday 12 October 2010 09:30 A SINGER from Blackpool is ready for stardom as the final touches are put on his debut single. Ryan Cregan, 14, from South Shore, is releasing his first single entitled In the End on November 8 for Children in Need. The vocalist has been singing since he was seven and has been given his big break after he was approached by Heath Lanzillotti, an American songwriter. Ryan was taken to White Wolf recording studios in County Durham to record the single that will be launched at the Excelsior on Lytham Road. He won the regional final of Idol in 2008, putting him through to the national final. The Highfield High School pupil said: "Everything is brilliant and it's really exciting "I really love Children in Need so I thought I would make the single. ”

“A British Phoenix, Almost Literally!!”

“THIS talented youngster is preparing to sing his way to success Ryan Cregan, 12, of Everton Road, South Shore, beat thousands of other young hopefuls to get through to the regional finals of Idol 2008 – a competition for both singers and dancers. His mum Tracey discovered her son's talent when he sang to cheer her up. She said: "Our house on Orchard Avenue burnt down in 2003. I was so upset, crying every day. Ryan used to sing to me to cheer me up. I thought 'he's not got a bad little voice' so I enrolled him with Blackpool Aztex Theatre School. He loves it. If successful, he will then be given the chance to compete in the national final, which was broadcast by ITV last year. ”