Ryan Brooks Kelly / Press

“Ryan Kelly is an AMAZING young talent, fellow gear fanatic and master tone conjurer of Celestial Effects pedals.”

Dom Mancini - Celestial Effects

“Ryan Brooks Kelly... take it to the bank... this is one special talent on his way... Celestial Effects powered Guitar Man with an Attitude”

John Ippolito - Blue Umbrella Entertainment Group

“It is a prestigious honor to be working with Ryan and to have this young man as part of our Celestial Effects family. The sky is the limit for Ryan Brooks Kelly!”

Dom Mancini - Celestial Effects

“Kelly’s spitfire style to that of Joe Bonamassa and others who were first inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughn’s crossover blues.”

The Hippo Press

“Ryan comes from the ethos of those kids who came up in the Nineties,” he says. “Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a very good example.”

Steve Gates - Bedlam Productions

“Ryan Kelly could be the future of blues music… he’s creative and inventive songwriter and a hell of a guitarist”

John Guregian - WUML Blues Deluxe Radio Show

“Ryan Kelly is an exciting up and coming talent. he get's better every time I see him”

Mike McAdam - Owner -North Main Music

"Ryan is a young guitar prodigy. This kid plays and sings better then guys that have been on the circuit for 20yrs! "

Boomer Genier - Bottoms Up Band

"The boy can play...Ryan Kelly lights up the blues circuit "

Michael Witthaus - The Hippo Press

"This brilliant young singer/guitar player is inhabited by an old blues soul...a stunning combination."

Steve Gaetz - Bedlam Productions