Ryan Amador / Press

"If you need a heartbreaking piano ballad to help you through your workday, then "Instead," a song about longing for a former love, will certainly help you get your fix. The video, which features Amador singing while playing the piano, foregoes any fancy video effects and let's the song speak for itself."

"Fresh, fresh out of the musical oven, Ryan Amador shines as a new singer and songwriter already delivering powerful lyrics with his song, "Define Me".

“This video moved me to tears...So powerful, moving, chilling, inspiring, just WOW!!!!”

“...the song is beautiful and simple...seriously, this could close out a first act. And I would buy tickets because I love stuff like this...the delivery is poignant”

“Amador and Lampert both have beautiful voices...when they blend together, it's like hearing hard and soft, whispers and shouts, all at once...the song is performed so simply and beautifully that it's easy to believe in what they're singing (Referring to song "Define Me").”

“This is something really special...Gorgeous on every level!”

“Ryan Amador just released his new music video, "Define Me," featuring Jo Lampert. The powerful video shows Amador and Lampert stripping down to their underwear to reveal gay slurs and negative stereotypes written across their bodies.”