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“LilSik OfDeadkids Randolph Sanchez maaaan.... im not big on this music for listening pleasures. not my bag man. not big on female rock vocals. but on an unbiased touch.... im so intrigued on the production and what the studio vybe would be with you guys. it sounds perfect, the way your producer put different guitars in the left opposite speakers, and the psychadelic sounds, gives me this really stoney vibration "pink floyd" vybe to me. ur music brings me back to bein a shirtless cut off jeans wearin trailor park kidd, running around our drunk parents having a good time at a local concert or somthing with a bunch of bikers. and thats what music is about. givin u that memory. or bringing you back to it. id love to see you guys live man. again the quality in this is flawless, and she is so professional, the songs that i did peep, she seems like a really mellow singer. i like "cruise groove" ..... now iv never dropped acid, but if i do, im playin some RXR!! haha i hope you guys keep going”

LilSik OfDeadkids

“ RXR to rock Friday the 13th at Northern Delights The rock band RXR is set to hit the stage at Northern Delights in Hayfork this Friday. CONTRIBUTED RXR will play a show at Northern Delights in Hayfork this Friday, Jan. 13. The show starts at 8 p.m. Donations appreciated for the band. RXR includes Randolph Sanchez and Rosalie Jones playing with artists Casey Kelly on lead guitar, Charley Lyons on drums, and Terry Nagle on bass. The band’s new album is “In Da Ra,” recorded at Radiostar Studios in Weed in December 2010. A live jam set is also available on iTunes. The band’s mission; “Our songs and message are focused on helping people awaken to the potential of our higher selves and to motivate the world to make changes in our consumption and buying habits so that our children can enjoy the beauty we are privileged to experience right now.” The band’s official Web site is rxrstudio.com. ”

“4&20 Blackbird Festival in Weed a hit beyond expectations Organized by producer Sylvia Massy, proceeds from the event will go toward the purchase of a standing clock, which will be installed by Weed Pride’s Main Street Project volunteer group in front of the Radiostar building. Most of the bands who performed at the festival have recorded music in Weed at one point or another. Rock band RXR, based out of Weaverville, recorded their first album at Radiostar, and were compelled to participate in the event. “We love Weed and we love the people here. We’ve worked with many of them before,” said RXR lead guitarist Randolph Sanchez after their performance. “We’re developing a musical family, and at the same time, keepin’ rock alive!” Sanchez’s blue flame leather pants were a particular favorite of some audience members, who shouted their appreciation between songs. ”

“Mamma Llama hosts RXR The band RXR (rock/psychedelic/ world) will play Mamma Llama coffeehouse, 490 Main St., Weaverville, on Saturday, May 21. The show starts at 8 p.m. Ticket prices are $10 in advance, $12 at the door and include the group’s latest CD. Members of RXR include: Randolph Sanchez, lead guitar, songwriter and soul behind the band whose electric playing style and soulful backup singing brings a depth to both the band and their message of hope and personal accountability to our planet. Rosalie Jones, lead vocalist, songwriter, bass and heart behind the band whose passionate but even-tempered vocals provide life to both the songs and spirit behind the band. Randy Sage, live drums, backup vocals and the pulse behind the band’s live performances whose driving rhythms, reminiscent of tribal beats fused with a funk influence, add a distinct texture to RXR’s sound and style. ”

“Are You Ready To Rock and Roll”

“Zap Entertainment Productions is presenting a fundraiser Saturday, June 18, for the family of a 16-year-old boy who was recently injured in a car accident on Highway 3, to help offset hospital expenses. Gates open at noon and the concert begins at 1 p.m. at Lee Fong Park, Weaverville. Among the bands playing will be Half8N, above, and RxR, right. Bring lunch and chairs. $5 at the gate.”

“A very different venue was a first in my life, speaking of the concert at the Bodega Cafe Friday evening. My interest was piqued by the description of Douglas City musicians Randy, Rosalie and Jim Riordon, writing songs about the environment. The group, named RXR, is refreshingly unique. Rosie has a lovely voice, Randy plays a collection of four guitars and Jim has an impressive set of drums. Terry of Bodega Cafe played bass guitar with them as well. I gather the name RXR means Randy loves Rosie (Rosie loves Randy) as well as referring to rock ‘n’ roll. They have been a trio since December 2002 with five years of writing music together. Riordon actually joined them in 2009. An album is in the plans. Steve of Mama Llama says that RXR played a free concert in their cafe for an Art Cruise. Web site: RXRstudio.com. ”