Ruth Acuff / Press

“Her live show, an elegant mix of proficient harp playing, pop melodies and whimsy, ...something that demanded to be showcased on a bigger stage”

“...she proves unusually adept at mingling the real and the surreal. Emotionally and spiritually, “To the Moon” is a mix of memory and mystery, the natural and supernatural, who remains and what they have left to learn.”

“Acuff infuses her usual — though it’s hard to call such a quality “usual” — almost pixie-like lightness of being into a set of songs that could otherwise dwell in the land of lament.”

“Mixing the ethereal and earthy in a remarkable way, Acuff’s songs are lush and lilting, occupying the part of the Venn diagram where circles of folk-rock and chamber music meet.”

“...the gentle strokes of her harp and soft lyrics cast a tranquil aura over the room...captivated their audience with original lyrics and an authentic, indie-folk sound.”

““Obviously, the No. 1 thing when you think of Ruth Acuff is … her voice,” - Phylshawn Johnson”

“Singer-songwriter Ruth Acuff uses plucked harp strings and spiritual tuning to blur the lines between indie- and folk-rock into a lovely, ethereal haze.”

"A fanciful imagination and a firm footing in the stuff of earth come together like dance partners in "This is the Dream," a shimmering new set from singer, songwriter and harpist Ruth Acuff."

“It’s easy to miss the Roy Acuff connection when watching and listening to Ruth because there are many differences between the two. He was a country star; she plays folksy pop.”