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“Most of the time, my music picks are of my own accord, bands I've loved for years, or maybe a hot new number a friend has turned me onto, or I found while bar hopping. This time, my pick comes from the boss, Pappi Swarner, who has a great ear and even better dance moves. (Ask him to show you his pop-in-lock next time you see him.) His recommendation is for Tin Man, a member of Maurice The Fish Record's growing family, and hot to release their sophomore album, Broke Wisdom. I have to agree with the boss, and MTFR, Tin Man has their singing and songwriting down. Initially reminding me of something in the Bonnie Raitt or Leonard Cohen vein, Tin Man has a little more twang, a little more pluck and a lot more Northwest feel. Hear for yourself this Saturday at Louie G's. {NIKKI MCCOY}”

"Tin Man exudes the prowess of seasoned musicians, all the while embracing the delicate balance between poet, artist and entertainer. With a sound that is a marriage between the stylings of The BoDeans, Tom Petty, Train and a touch of "new country," they are poised to breathe life into an industry that could use a jump start!" > ~Raymond Hayden > CEO, Maurice the Fish Records >

Raymond Hayden - Maurice the fish records

“Tin Man is a band with a sound that is a wonderful blend of Roots, Americana, sprinkled with a dash of Brit Pop. Each song is a story unto it's own that plays out like an artistic short movie in the mind. You can't help but enjoy the slice of life lyrics backed by a band that provides the proper moods for each fable being told. Whether is be the mournful sounds in 'Blue Clouds' or the happy upbeat '100 Sunny Days' this band is hitting on all cylinders. Lead singer Russ Parrish sings with conviction, passion and from the sunny side of the street! One listen and you'll be hooked! Darrell Fortune nwczradio.com”

Darrell Fortune - nwcz radio

“Honestly, Bobble Tiki feels like he's been getting promotional messages about and Facebook invites for Tin Man's CD release show for Somewhere in the Middle since 1987. That can't be, of course. Tin Man founder Rusty Parrish created Tin Man after years spent in punk bands, not to mention years then spent away from music focusing on family, but the CD being celebrated this week is only the latest in his body of work - not a one-time thing, and nothing to yawn about. After constructing a safely alt-country band to suit the Tin Man solo project he first birthed in 2005, Parrish is obviously stoked for Somewhere in the Middle to see the light of day. Bobble Tiki can't blame him. So what if that means he gets an email every day about it. - Bobble Tiki”