Ricky Ferranti / Press

“Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles - Rusty Miles (Tanzan Music - 2012) You'd be forgiven for thinking that this dude was actually from a Southern State of the USA but he actually comes from Piacenza. Outstansing songs on here include Don't Stop; 'Let Me Know' (incredible female vocals); the rockabilly instrumental 'Country Junky'; the stonkin', Hendrix filled 'Jimi's Colour' and closing honky tonkin' late 50's like 'You're My Cat'. An album with a variety of styles to get excited over. 9/10 ”

"First up there is the magnificent Let Me know featuring the wonderful vocals of Sherrita Duran. It is a mesmeric dusty atmosphere brewing song with restrained energy and teasing melodic caresses. It is when Duran enters though that hearts melt and the sun smiles in adoration, her voice glorious and alongside the excellence of the music makes it the best song on the album by far. The other highlights come through the brilliant music to have southern stills a jumping rockabilly soaked instrumental Country Junkie and the hypnotic ballad My Eyes On You featuring the haunting cello of Andrea Anzalone. The album ends on You’re My Cat, a track whose title made one decide it was a non starter but actually emerged as a fun rock n roller with Ferranti doing a tongue in cheek Presley/Vincent impression with a delicious double bass and violin. Rusty Miles is an album whose only intent is to have and give enjoyment and on that premise is a fine release to spend a random hour with once in a while