Rustik Mode / Press

“Totally Diggin' it, you guys Rock.”

30yr Itch - Facebook

“Really digging "I forgot to think of you". Best to you guys!! Rock on! ”

C.D. Clark - Reverbnation

“Really great sound, I enjoyed listening to your refreshing style, "I forgot to think of you" wow, those lyrics are so deep, and the song drew me right in, nice!!”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“I've been listening to your music and it blew me away. Thanks for sharing...wonderful stuff. Keep rockin'! ”

The Never Evers - Reverbnation

“Just stopped by to listen to your music. Cool sound, especially like the vocals and the songwriting. ”

Marlan - Reverbnation

“You guys have a really great sound. would love to play with you some time in CA or AZ”

Wooden Robot - Reverbnation

“When your new CD "in an instants' time" was released, you were #14..now you're up to #3...that speaks for itself!!! Congrats on a superb album!!!”

Ashbury - Reverbnation

“awesome full, heavy sound that you guys are making here..diggin that driving riff and big sound for "sidewalk" and amazing, Orbison-like vocals..diggin that demo tune "found my dream" too..got a wicked Blue Oyster vibe to the riff. Very cool playlist!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“diggin your retro sound, grooves and signature guitar licks for each song.......well done”

Billy T. Scrapper - Reverbnation

“I can hear the doors,the cure, Neil Young,REM, drivin n cryin, a whole lot of sound there!”

Jon Gray - Reverbnation

“Sick throwback sound, guys! I'm putting 'Where the sidewalk meets the road' & 'I forgot to think of you' on my weekend playlist!”

Spencer Joyce - Reverbnation

“Enjoying "Is this the way it's gonna be?". Seriously, this is an honest-to-goodness authentic classic sound. Simplicity shining strong at the core of music enables us to dress it with tasteful flourishes here and there. You have found something really wonderful and we are super glad you sought us out this fine day. Peace & Love & JOY, Mark LaJOIE! ”

Living Waters - FaceBook

“Love your sound - keep it comin'!”

Johnny and the Fabulous bakery boys - Reverbnation

“You guys have a nice sound. Easy to listen to..”

John G. Cown - Reverbnation

“.Just listening to 'In an Instant's Time'.Very cool- a bit of an REM vibe to it, gonna listen to more now. ”

Foolish Mortals - Reverbnation

“...You guys make some awsome music..”

Sonny Boy Baker - Reverbnation

“ …Rustik Mode has a sound that is surprisingly advanced. With vocals similar to that of R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and The Church’s Steve Kilbey… … Joe Normandin and Scott Dunning, may have had the most constructive impact. In In An Instants’ Time, they have combined their musical styles and influences in a way that creates a distinct rock and roll sound. This is certainly a rock and roll album, but there are also many other genres intertwined…. …The album’s title track is unique in that it is composed of both an electric guitar as well as an acoustic guitar… …each song still finds a way to stand out from the others. All in all, In An Instants’ Time is an album that can be enjoyed by all… Review by Alec Cunningham ”