Run To Sandy / Press

"Run to Sandy is a tight, professional act featuring original mainstream rock compositions, which makes them stand out among the typical glut of off-season cover bands."

"Yardley's own Run To Sandy will be performing a concert Dec. 1 to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy."

"She loves too, that Jeff Sawyer -- of the more accomplished band “Run to Sandy” -- thought well enough of Used Karma to pitch his idea for a benefit concert."

“For Yardley’s Jeff Sawyer, everything came together and made the idea seem so obvious. From his job to his passion to memories of his favorite summer retreat, everything was telling him to do something to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. So he is. ”

“On Icebreaker, Run to Sandy begins with a couple of classic rock tracks, including the album’s title song. On “Bottom of the Yard,” the band switches to folk with the introduction of an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. By the middle of the album, the band is comfortably singing country in “The Ballad of Sandy Run,” which Millen wrote, but then briefly switches to rock in “All Your Life” before ending the album with classic rock. ”