Run Run Run / Press

“ “Run Run Run is on a hot streak!"”


“ “This L.A. quintet is hookfilled, wistfully seductive and three times more intense onstage””

LA Weekly

"R3's... music creates a wall of sound that is both beautiful and abrasive at the same time."

Amy Jine - modzine.com

“With a name that nods to the Velvet Underground and a sound that references the Jesus and Mary Chain, Run Run Run is a favorite of the Los Angeles club scene..."”

Todd Martens - Billboard

"Run Run Run is an L.A. based band whose guitar heavy tunes are passionate and majestic in nature."

NIN - www.bitemezine.net

"Fade Into You... These fuckers must have gigantic balls. Good for them."

Craig Goossen - Culture Bunker