Running Still / Press

"Believe this: Running Still picks up where The Beatles left off with Let It Be"

A. Craig Copetas / Senior Writer - Bloomberg News

"Running Still is one of the best bands I've seen in years. The songs are amazing and Asi Meskin's vocals are unique, emotional and very powerful. This is a great record"

Daniel Shulman - Garbage

““This is so good, you don’t even know how good this is, you might not know for a couple of decades…””

Robert Wyatt - Artist

““Great, great tracks! Very atmospheric rock yet really accessible””

Shifted Sound Podcast

““I went slightly nuts over your track My House after playing it on the show. Keep up the kick ass tunes and I can't wait to hear the whole CD””

Accident Hash Podcast

"I've listened lo your album and I hear the Beatles, Lou Reed, U2, Coldplay, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, a lot of influencial bands in their time" "Bands don't write records anymore, they write songs... You've seem to have written a record rather than a random series of songs"

Jimi - Indie Radio Chattanooga