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“Eight years in, three EP's down and with enough career turmoil and music industry angst to fill a weighty book, Canadian alt-pop outfit Running Red Lights have decided to dive back into the fray and release their newly minted debut full-length There's a Bluebird In My Heart. Written and recorded (and self-produced) over 2013, the album is a charming mix-up of breezy Fleetwood Mac-styled songcraft with bold strokes of folk, modern Americana and hint of good ol' soul vibes. Dual vocalists Scarlett Flynn and Kevin Howley make some harmonious magic on the spirited "Mulberry Love" and "Under The Wire," songs that have an appealingly loose, unmanicured quality all while demonstrating the tightest instrumental chops (check out the head-turning guitar solos).”

“Tracks like 'Boxcar Telegrams', 'By Your Side' and 'Run Away' show that Running Red Lights aren't content to just mimic the likes of Fleetwood Mac and have the ability to take things forward in an Arcade Fire kinda way....but lighter. As we approach the end of the album, 'Memory Balls' glides in to view with a sound like Of Monsters And Men as the vocals of Scarlett and Kevin Howley blend in beautiful harmony. However, on album closer 'A Damn Good Way To Go' they revert to those Fleetwood Mac-ian tendencies to have one last blast of those vocals harmonies and sweet, sweet guitars. This is beautiful, melodic and harmonious stuff with lush instrumentation throughout and for fans of the mighty Mac this is a dream come true. And as for the Americans? Well, they'll just have to start trying harder I think. Bieber doesn't even come close to Running Red Lights.”

“'Let me begin by saying that Running Red Lights is real Canadian indie folk music. Their latest record, There’s a Bluebird In My Heart, is both intelligently written and rhythmically sound. It reveals notes of craftsmanship and dedication while alluding to journeys already past, and is steeped in playful forgiving melodies worth the eight full years it took to bring them into fruition'”

“The Toronto folk/soft rock band Running Red Lights have recently released their debut full length album entitled ‘There’s a Bluebird in My Heart’. With an almost modern Fleetwood Mac style of songwriting and harmonies, Running Red Lights gives hope to real songwriting and show how hard work can really pay off. From beginning to end, they manage to keep a smooth and soothing sound on every song, while remaining creative and original the whole way through. If this is any indication as to what 2014 has in store for Canadian music, then it’s going to be a good year.”

“I'd like to introduce you to a Toronto based band called Running red Lights. Migrating from small towns all across Eastern Canada to the swelling city of Toronto, Kevin Howley, David Puzak, Jeff Carter and Scarlett Flynn together unite a rallied sound that cleverly weaves knowing and tuneful lyrics into simple catchy pop songs. The band has been compared to the harmonious familiarity of Fleetwood Mac, Of Monsters and Men, Hey Ocean, Coldplay, and Grizzly Bears..”

“The quality of the music on There's A Bluebird in My Heart gives no hint to the long, torturous road traveled by Running Red Lights in getting to the point where they could release an album that reflected their craft. And I think that is a major credit to this Toronto-based band that this debut makes any discussion of the back story superfluous - the songs eloquently announce a pop band worth paying attention to. There's no evidence to be found of "of the moment" templates such at slacker pop, urban R&B and electro pop. This is classic pop/soft rock/folk rock that has delighted fans in every decade from the '60s onward. But it is anything but languid, as evidenced by the energetic "Under the Wire" and the moody "Dear Liza", which prompts favorable comparisons to Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac . There's A Bluebird in My Heart ably showcases the band's ample talents. They have excellent male and female vocals, top class musicianship and obvious chemistry.”

“It has been quite a few months since my first time hearing the music of Toronto-based band Running Red Lights. Their single "Mulberry Love" was previously featured in our monthly music roundup, but it would be a bit of a wait before we would finally get to hear the finished album, There's A Bluebird In My Heart. It was well worth the wait. While it is the normally the instrumentation of a song that wins me over, vocalists Kevin Howley and Scarlett Flynn make for such a pleasant pairing that the album just edged out a few others as my top pick this month. For me, the standout track on this album is "Dear Liza".”

“There’s a Bluebird in My Heart is sweetly endearing form the title alone, and pushing past that to the warm, flowing opening tracks only serves to deepen that impression. Running Red Lights is more than just a quiet coo, though, and after almost a decade, they’ve created the record to prove it. In taking to their roots the quartet has created an endlessly listenable release that has a trove of small but powerful new somethings to pick up on with each new hearing. Much more than pop-folk darlings, Running Red Lights is a band that has finally come into their own, and if there’s any hope, There’s a Bluebird in My Heart means that they’re finally here to stay…8.9/10”

“A great interview/acoustic performance by Running Red Lights before the big show at the 2010 YouDiscover Concert Series in Niagara Falls!”

“Toronto-based band Running Red Lights took the Oakes Garden Theatre stage last Friday night, and quite simply put-they lit the place on fire with a fantastic show.”

“Formed in early 2006 as a pop band inspired by the resurgence of 80's pop, Running Red Lights is a group of six independent musicians/songwriters inspired mutually by Rhythm and Blues, 80's pop, EuroPop and IndiePop.”

“With a feel that brings back memories of everything from The Cure to The Killers, an extremely strong synergy between the musi- cians and the tight overall sound make Forever and Ever a must-have. Live, Scarlett’s choreographed dance moves and the energy from the whole band are undeniable. ”

“Nova Scotia-born Scarlett Flynn’s seemingly Cyndi Lauper-meets- Madonna-style vocals on Back It Up and So Lonely are fantastic. This writer is not sure how this lovely lady can do such amazing things with her voice.”

“'RRL, RRL, RRL!'. A fist pumping mantra that will soon find its way onto the lips and underpants of millions...'”

“The up-and-coming Running Red Lights has no shortage of momentum”

“Hometown favourites Running Red Lights kicked off Bayfest 2009”

“Running Red Lights guitarist Dave Puzak plays during the bands set at Bayfest 2009”