rumHoney / Press

“I got myself down to one of their gigs and was incredibly impressed with all that I saw and heard. Front man Sky Wood is everything a front man should be; charismatic, energetic, enigmatic and captivating. Even before I knew that rumHoney cited Aerosmith as one of their influences, watching Sky immediately reminded me of Steven Tyler’s adrenalin-fueled performances! As a unit, they are incredibly tight and their performances are always exceptionally engaging. It’s not just their loyal fans who can be seen singing along, dancing and generally having an amazing time, they seem to have an uncanny knack of demanding the attention of anyone within earshot. rumHoney are one band, who more than anything, enjoy playing live. They just love putting on unforgettable, energetic performances for new fans and their loyal followers and this passion for performance really shines through at their gigs. You can’t go to a rumHoney gig and not enjoy it, it’s just not how these things work! ”

“Tracks like "She's So Fine and "Cindy" have a classic, All-American rock sound, erring slightly on the country-rock, they are clean, honest and addictive. The musical scope is pushed in a slightly "Jovi" direction when we move onto "Without your Blessing" which is slower but brilliantly vocalised. This album has a bluesy edge too, "all over you" has a chilly flavoured, blues style, despite being a little tight and I'll bet this is simply lush live. A real stand out song for me is "keep your soul clean", it is loose and summery, a real driving tune, lazy and stylish with a neat lyric and uncomplicated guitar, topped off with a rousing chorus. Amazing. Sky Wood, Jaime Blake, Dominic Giannetta, and Niol Sweeney make an amazing noise on this album from start to finish, they ooze class and a solid musicianship. ”

“Influenced by blues rock greats such as The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith; rumHoney tap back into that blues swagger with sliding guitar and plenty of character. The gravelly undertones of vocalist Sky Wood give him that charming edge to carry off a blues melody and, on occasion, has a feel of Rod Stewart, particularly in Cindy. All Over You features a clever distorted guitar solo, with excellent use of the wah wah pedal paired with echoing vocals, it has that intriguing psychedelic edge. From the charming riffs of Since You Went Away to the walking bass line of Sunningdale Shoes, rumHoney pay homage to the greatness that is blues music and are a delight to listen to, and I highly recommend that you do!”

Laura Woodhead - Let The Music Do The Talking

“Their recordings demonstrate a deep-rooted understanding and feel for the soundscapes of early seventies records; and yet they manage to make it all sound fresh, modern and unique.”

Derek Adams - Time Out

“I love this band. They in my opinion are a welcome shot of something that’ll cure all ailments. These guys have studied the artform, realized their strategy, and now quite rightly want to show off. The business should be proud to have such ability suddenly come knocking out of the wild blue yonder”

Peter Anthony - Radio Caroline