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“2011 Hoku Nominees Rock Album of the Year » “Dust for Angels” – Friends of Adam » “Hawk and the Hunter” – Sabrina » “Respect” – 86 List » “Revisited” – Donovan Frankenreiter » “Rumbletone” – Rumbletone » “Stream Dreams” – Kamuela Kahoano”

“Rumbletone (U'ilani Studios) Here's proof again that original rock is alive and well throughout the 50th State. Rumbletone - Dale Dombrow, Mark McKamey, Paul Ventura and T.J. Wead - represents Kauai in fine style with this 12-song calling card. There's no telling from one year to the next if the members of the Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts (HARA) are going to embarrass themselves or not when they choose the winner in the Rock Album category, but Rumbletone should be on the final ballot in 2011. The results represent a broad spectrum of "classic rock" ranging from mid-'60s English rock and psychedelia to alt-rock and grunge - from a touch of Cream to a hint of Nirvana, but without directly borrowing those groups' riffs or melodies.”

“Rumbletone “Rumbletone” Classic rock, alt, blues U’ilani Studios Kaua’i Kaua’i-based Rumbletone is Paul Ventura, vocals and lead guitar; T.J. Wead, lead vocals and bass; Dale Dombrow, vocals and bass; and Mark McKamey, drums. Overview: Group leader Ventura wrote or co-wrote all 12 tunes here; nothing says original like your own music, and Rumbletone could evolve into a cornerstone of Island rock. There’s punch and power and prowess throughout, without the overdrive volume. The brooding tone on “All About You” and the dance-tempoed “I’ll Be Waiting” succinctly capsulizes the group’s pliable spectrum.”

“RUMBLETONE IS NOT EXPECTING A WHITE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR November 29, 2010 | by Skope Staff Today on Cyber Monday it is important to take a break from all the shopping and perhaps take in some new music. As the weather goes from 75 to 25 degrees here in New England it is nice to know that Hawaii based Rumbletone can offer a sound that can warm us up. I caught wind of Rumbletone earlier this year when they released their debut album. With songs like “Show Me Who You Are” and “Imagine That” I knew I had to dig deeper. These guys might be mellow by nature but their sound is catchy & high energy. Join us as Paul Ventura speaks on everthing from musical longevity to cool ive venues in Oahu. ”

“Right away from the cover art, you are seeing a tropical setting complete with palm trees, water and rocks. The fun-in-the-sun, island vibe that I was expecting from this album never happened surprisingly, what I did hear from this debut release was a lively mix of classic rock and alternative. As soon as you push play, you are hearing cool rock mojo from the Hawaiian natives. What really impressed me were the awesome guitar solos throughout the 12-song set; no messin’ around in this department. I’m picking up on a classic, garage band appeal as well as a jam band feel after taking it all in. The other aspect that stood out to me in a BIG was how well each member played their individual instruments. All four musicians came together nicely, as a team, proving that band chemistry was not an issue. Rumbletone jammed out in fury and played like there was no tomorrow. Get ready for an all-out rock fest from not-so typical Hawaiian rockers that call themselves Rumbletone.”

“I think that your sound has flavors of Lenny Kravitz, Black Crowes, The Doors, and even Greenday at times. Probably names you've heard yourselves comapared to before, but all good company, in my opinion! Good job at having lots of influences but also sounding like yourselves. This is really hard to accomplish!”

“Skope: What does it mean to be featured in a music community as diverse as Skope? Rumbletone: It validates the hours,days, and years of hard work as a working band, a songwriter, and the blood,sweat, and tears of our works with our recent debut Cd release. We believe it is relevant in today’s music as well as the music we grew up with.” Old school meets New school”. To be featured with and along side bands that are the music of yesterday,today,and tomorrow is well beyond a tap on the back, or a” You guys rock” comment at a gig (which is all good!) but to have our music recognized in the presence of such a diverse music community is extremely gratifying. ”