Rule #9 / Press

“Summerville’s Rule No. 9 will supply the apocalyptic hardcore breakdowns.”

Paul Bowers - Charleston City Paper

“For the first time in two years, Charleston-based pop-punk outfit Rule #9 returns to Columbia. The quintet incorporates popular hallmarks from the past decade — crunchy sustained riffs, dramatic builds, harmonious vocals, backing screams.”

Dade Driggers - Columbia Free Times

“Tracks like the spunky "City Of Lights" even suggest Rule #9's ability to pen the kind of winsome hard-charging sing that could break on radio...”

Chris Parker - Charleston City Paper

“Their recordings are pretty tight, and they've shown the ability to tackle a variety of styles, but what's missing is a full-length album that go a long way in establishing a more distinct identity.”

Chris Parker - Charleston City Paper