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“Ruination- DIRTNAP "hard drivin' song" "head-banging" I love how this song comes charging out of the gate from the first second! I like the vocal mix of growling/screaming with straight-ahead singing which gave the song something unique, an identity of its own. It didn't sound like every other metal song out there. I like the production with its well-balanced mix, and the guitar solo with its very unusual tone caught my attention, too. The musicianship was superior, and it's obvious that you are passionate about music. I also liked the last minute of the song with the woman talking and then the fading out ending. The only thing I can think of that would make this more interesting would be if there were some kind of refrain or recurrent theme throughout the song that ties the whole thing together, giving it more continuity. Keep up the good work!”

"Well put together album. Songs that stick in your head... a must have for the Indie metal lover"


"RUINATION is quietly climbing the ladder as a hard to follow metal band in the underground metal scene"

Hot Topic (2010)

"The new album, "Slaughter is the Best Weapon", sheds any stereotypes or opinions of RUINATION past efforts. 9 Tracks of straight metal!!!"

Music Outlook Webzine

"RUINATION is the next generation in audio terrorism"