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Ruffneck 'Bunny' Rockaway / Press

“Good morning.. checkout.. refixes, remixes, instrumentals, drum patterns, mixtapes & even more widgets to other sites with alot more works in the music journey of various genre's.. thank you”

Ruffy Rockaway - ruffy advertisement

“Great Preformance From RuffneckUK Artist's @ Coalition In Faringdon.. well done team We Pulled It Off..”

Ruffy Rockaway - RuffneckUK Ltd Media

“Ruffy just released his 230th 12" Him Like This Tune..very much that he asked to put it out With a please..”

Lord Of The Manor - Them To

“you think it's J****** Star Im So Infused right now, i seen the tortoise pass me by 2 .. fucking hell turtle looking bwoy nah boombye yanah!! i see the voices represent . im a righteouse Duke on the Juice Tip. i only know the tings that a run & not stand firm.. a ital wall . my eyes nah lie . me love for you because you is the one that call apon the sound that revives the essance of emenence of 1st % .. i't commin Drread lox chali..ce, yo know RuffneckUk .. me tell them, show them, my music is large like cool chip & chill out but time run out on that system. Gone is the Ting's me Knew. It's Ruffneck Since Time .. technolagy nah last for ever Seeeeen . How many know that i knowledge & i work is the same .. Please Believe that Ina One Destiney That the i must Ride ... I Like The Math's tho Mc's cAnt pass & chill on i dollah & then Forget to follow Chaaa. brethren & sisterens i sit with the best riddems or music but due to loyalty they dont release ..”

“COALITION : great music in Faringdon!***FREE ENTRY*** "THANKS" Line up: 12-11.30 VENDETTA 11.30-11 INDFIDEL 11-10.30 ED-D 10.30-10 ORTHODOX & AZRAH 10-9.30 INTERPH4ZEHOSTED BY MCs STONED MASSON & SHOCKA D .. Mc's Not Ramping On The Mic.. Bigg Mc For The Future 9.30-9 Bosh Mc G.M.N.B.. Rings "Ruffy WHo" Maz Yo Know The YDizzl "RuffnuklDowntooBuisness" Getting The Chicken Hears the phone JaHno Skippin "What Again G yAh Must of.. Smash The Playing Out Quick Barrier" 5 mInuts "We Is Onn.. On.. Oni.. On.. Oni.. ON. No Onio N.. Tho Me wILL gET a Serviette You Cyanaaanniant" Ruffy Seh Yes .. Be Cool Brethren Me Getting Fuel Star.. & Dat mixMaster FRESCO Said At Least Half Hour + Special Guest The Ruffneck1Dah "Ruffy Rockaway" Going Through The Vault's With Rhymes In The Klip, Got The Cali By THE cRYPT, zONE iNto FoMation Like The SkRip, Aint Into Trick So A Strickly Strick Only Good Music iS a TREAT.. We Nah Into No Knowledge Clash Pan Keet.”

“Hip Hop to the max . new jacks relax . so dont attacks just preach the facts . do your thing coz i doint really care yaaa . How do i feel out here... As i pump the bass to erase your face . my styles in first & yours is in second place . my tone is chainged re-arrainged for my dj . Check out wat he display . Here comes the new Wave......”

Ruffy Rockaway - HipHop To The max

“After sharing the night ina RuffneckUK Night @ the tap & barrel yo where are you Mr & Mrs No Love Sitting ina AlluminatiDees With a cheez Burrrggaaa Nah Man Pushy Whole Ting's . Personel Tho Buisness Never Personal tho i was filling in on the vocal efx for your absence . ohh Im Rambling Any Way Right now i have my mixtape coco bread & patty ... More like bunna Cheezle In My Head Phones & Darn i supose that the lyrics on the low are that way "GoodFasion" The Ones that are clear signifies my talent of freestyle on a rainy day .. Thanks for listening Do just put the MixTape in your head phones For Me . Grab A Cali & Let That Shizzle Bunnn Efx .. sit back & go for a "Bunny"_"LoveHeart" Pon Him Sleeve Adventure Cheezus Haa Haa GS Give me jokes today good to see the spirit "Bunny" NEXT. Even the 12 "All I Want to do" I Love Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley. Ohh Great One tell me what you think of my true talk over great musical Vibrations .. Seek and You shall find .”

Ruffy Rockaway - Tap & Barrel Ruffneck Uk Represent

“& them seh dat me drink too much tea ina UK A ProppaGanda .. I&I Man power A man skeen.. Ha The nxt Track Is Called " N***** D* I* L*** T*** " Ha Ha.. Lucky MyGrain Was in tuned.. The Combo with Shacks was Good!! Wanna Here It ask "Mista Jones Music"”

Lucky MyGrain - " N***** D* I* L*** T*** "

“Ruffy Rockaway Say's at that time you will see the Light... You See Me i go for long hikes.. Taken From the forth Comming Album C*** B**** & P**** By Ruffy Rockaway Ha Ha Collaberation Album Nxt 1..Ruffy Rockaway .. Busting lyrics on a sunday is not really my thing, But This Is going to be a my Ting. as we come we might invest ting.. Forward.. Forward Yush!! My Selecta Pull Up This Ting! ”

Ruffy Rockaway - Forward.. Forward Yush

“Do That D**** a brand new flex From the Ruffy Rockaway Lp .. C*** B**** & P**** Bosh Bet you have an album like this...!! ”

Ruffy Rockaway - Do That D****

“Love you Ruffy!!!! Totally kickin' around the room to your "Radio Dub"... Awesome! ~ Saxony Raine ”

“Ruffy Rockaway Test Plateu .. My Girls Mad @ Me, conquering Ital DubStep, Look YouthMan Test Plate & the classic Dreaming Of Success... & the dancehall Works Of Ruffy Delivers Dubby Look Out For The Difference in the compositionn posted around the RuffneckUK Network ... Peace & Unity Provides Love”

“word in, you call i old school, that mean's your a baby ta me, i been along side the uk hiphop greats in history, we put you on the road to music entertainment but you still run ya mouth like your an improvement, settle ya infuseiasm before your work end's up in a off key spasm,”

Ruffy Rockaway - dont chat rubbish ta I

“Thank's for your wait.. The New Upload's are in progress of mixdown & will be uploaded Over the weekend”

G Roberts - Thank's for your wait.. of mixdown

“coming thru to show some support keep doing ur thing listening to One Jumpin(Rmx2)... best of wishes ima listen to some more....coming thru to show some support keep doing ur thing listening to One Jumpin(Rmx2)... best of wishes ima listen to some more... but im liking what im hearing...”

“Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/uk to view details of this transaction.”

Ruffy Rockaway - Your transaction has been completed

“Hi everyone, I've entered Hard Rock Rising THE Global Battle of the Bands Beginning January 25 and ending February 5, my song will be available for fans to download on Hard Rock Cafe London's Facebook page. Each download counts as a "vote" for the band,so be ready to vote!!! Thank you”

“me nuh star me love my rootz im blessed with lotz of kind mind tho the people me meet in a mi trade it like them want me fah move out so them can control RuffneckUK Center point cah them want to do it them wayz & i cyant cuz dem teath me God time...seen & them know me nah do no bad mindness tho da story is work till yas get it.. people to nieve. me call it pressure.. so holla them come me is a fighta serviving a racialist & predudiced society if you was 5"1 with a kind heart them fox will yammmn ya, so bob seh soldier say fight for ya right so me stand upon fi mi rights & people me brush off come threw others... it is a week society wen da children shout back & storm of coz them cyant handle tha truth with a wicked minded them be f***ed... now i will stop at nuffing & nah retreat as i congo seh dnt blame it on rasta fari & them did wat them dooing ta me to B Marley BUT ME BELIEVE IN GOD SECURITY & only work for hidrin.seen”


“Jah That Was Some DanceHall Vibe Check Out Ruffy'S Rockaway New One tOo..”

“Dnt forget tomorrow 3rd dec @aintnodisco presents in the plum tree .. The dubshack line up is Dj ruffy & naughty d .. Longplayer mc orange eclipse dj flobby 8pm till 2am reggae hiphop jungle D&B ...”

Anthony B - Promotion

“The Reverbnation.. RuffneckUK Classic Ruffy Rockaway Releases.. Combo's & 12" Comp's True Material On Flowing”

Ruffy Rockaway Releases - Combo's & 12" Comp

“Thank YOU!! for your input Im In Love With You. You are all a Major Influence in my Passion for music, great sounds That you Have & Amaizing Vocals .. I Am Blessed to be part of such a Platform for insperations..”

ruffy rockaway - thanks

“Another special advent in swindon from the AINT NO DISCO Presents.... Dj Smitt-e Dj Eazy Gee Eclips & Longplaya..& a 40 minutes Set From Ruffy Rockaway & NortyDee.... Fusion Of Genre's .. tho ruffy only doo Raggamuffin Hip Hop To The Max Lyrics Never relax!!!”

Ruffy Rockaway - Aint No Disco Presents

“Tip Top Condition From the reverbnation Playlist Excellent Artist's & Management Catalouge”

Chill Will - Practice Makes Perfect

“Bigging Up Tha Love That Reverbnation Family is On... Wow We Going In HARD # 2 In The Reverbnation Charts For London UK”

Ruffy Rockaway - The Reverbnation Charts For London UK


“was just looking thru you page and your very good you got nice vids.. i see you have a bit of trouble getting subscribers same as me until i found this site and now they seem to be rolling in its great. ill leave the link to it with ya cus i think ur good enough,”

“A Limited Time For You To Hear The Uploaded Promo Tracks 1... 2....3”

“The Rasoz Reggae Roots Explosion Show Playing The Best In Reggae & New & Unsigned Talented Artists & Bands www.radiomk.co.uk BassieDee Is Hott At the moment With Asha Hieghts Going Strong”

“Ohh My Good God What a Buetifull Track Rashell I am Very Impressed ”

“in the aftermath of these social uprizing's we are recieving messages from the good the mad & the intollerable we shall rize again in the sp'irit of correctness. we have burnt before so they got the year wrong britain, England is at turning point 11 now!!”

“RuffneckUK Provides a service that is prominent in talented & gifted Artist's Straight from the UK”

“Respect international Artist Ruffy Rockaway From the RuffneckUK listen & look It's All for you”

“Worlds Apart Is a song i wrote for my daughter.”

“Say's Star lets get things straight uk... music is a big big big big bigger bigger than you.... think or feel tree.. I dont battle Mc's or artist's or .... to critic me you would have to have the roots of the grand master allmighty in your blood & genetics not a root coz of color or creed or culture. it's not the words or sound of a band member that is important it's the work ethics that count...Ect togetherness as unity is the overstanding of the 1 thing that is important....”

Callabo Witcha - Ruffy dont judge Slow Ya Nuh

“ok me nah want to fan you... if yah nah fan we... then it's off i aint got time waister on a me job title or life circle i am qualified to burst any artist or unit eazy so please dont test me coz i aint getting no sparks so i can see.. purely one way minded, like n-sign did, but they forgot the bid that i doo for those who didnt no the koo ina 92,they must through with it beat a kick on the head top making bludd spill to the gully, angelz surrounded me & stemd the flow before it was to late”

“them racialist bully... i know dem fully, no matter wether dem black or white Or yellow they still got the intentions to be boomy, trust in god quickly, i ask Thee to protect the innocent & further select we the unity to deliver equality through our music we enlighten properly.... Ruffy Rockaway listening to Chezz Dubstep it's getting lively, so please dont deprive we, of a happy existance to what you have granted i... Thank you for the time we share in it gracefully i will rectify... hallaluJah praise!! Ruffy Rockaway jah be my guidence. Peace love & unity the world.”

“New tunes From singing sensation Chieftan Joseph”

“RuffneckUK Zone Line Of Duty is Clear Tho The Rmx with features From Charly M Baltimore & JZ. This Instrumental Version Takes "Clarity"”

“We're number 7 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for london, UK. www.reverbnation.com/ruffyrock From The UK To The JA Also The USA Across The European & The Continent Of Africa Ruffy Rockaway Is Getting & Working Towards Props Be With Him Or Against Him You Will Recieve That Spirit & Guidence.. In the m Bizz We Call It feeling That Vibe.”

“Ruffy rockaway Say's...Last day to catch the dancehall selection.... Pull Up Selecta This Guy Is sensational. Tomorrow will be the quick stepp selection press in for more”

“ruffy rockaway's video's Can be found @ http://www.youtube.com/ruffyrock”

“Iration Love was on radiomk.co.uk sunday the 15th of may, playing & talking about his latest projects he even gave you a splice of accapella ”


“Gareth Ruffy Rockaway Roberts first millenium video Made in 2007 Was the awnser to the actions of everyone who was attacking my Abode with there fucked up way's Peace to all fallen soldiers freinds & famaly i love you Allways & forever!!”

“Ruffy The Ruffneck Rockaway on another platform”

“Never mind i got an oscar his name is rasoz & you can hear him @ www.radiomk.co.uk on wednesday evening from 6pm till 8pm..”

“Ruffy Rockaway Dooing The Mixtape”

“Ruffy Rockaway On the mixtape”

“Ruffy Rockaway On The MixTape”


Ruffy Rockaway - The Calling

“As I Enter A New Millenium Decade Waters Under The Demolished Blockade Millitant People Arize Whilst The Subdue Stockade umongst the day's of glory that the allmighty made monk of the true voice of conciouse night laid”

Ruffy Rock - Declare The Love

“Yo Seek & You shall keep The Pace... Drum Pattern Specialist.. Baselinez...you get me bizzy”

“Ruffy the Ruffneck Rockaway is in the R&A Faze, Rymez that flow like insperations ina my maze, londons calling for better use of my dayz, quoting "how can you raize if you keep stepping from the wayz"”

Ruffy Rockaway - Ruffneck Again

“Im going now but will keep in contact & upload a track to entertaine the nozeeee biteing reciting artists & management who need your style.... ”

Ruffy Rock - Quote

“Ruffy's Work Rate Is One Fast Pace Can You Slow Down The Production Of Your Compositions As Management Can Not Keep Up. We Dig Your Consistancy In Dropping Rythems But 2000 Or More Tracks Is Outragous”

Combined - Real Ruffneck

“Ruffy Rock Going Places Is The First Fusion Intro till Outro Serious Sounds”

GreyStokez - Nah Dun Yet Ya Know

“Don't Forget To Listen To the Tracks Fully & Comment On Them, Fans Are Not Treated Like Stan Unless They Stand Up”

Ruffy Rockaway - RuffneckUK



“Ruffy Rock Needs To Dedicate His Music Tme Developing Just One Track As He Has Numerous Unfinished Projects.”

Q.B - Real Ruffneck

“The Way I Make My Baseline Tump On Dub Steppa Its Awsome The Way It Makes Me Flow”

Ruffy Rock - Dub Steppa

“Secured Contract Is A Favorite of Mine”

Ene - Real Ruffneck

“The Release of Ruffy Rocks Track Ina De light & Live Performance Captured on Movie, "Ruffy Can Chatt"”

Bokee - Real Ruffneck

“RuffneckUK Has Found His Way Over Grooves With His Lyrics Proven to Diversity Over His Own Dubz”

Natty - Natty Chat

“I Like Ruffneck Rugged Pt 03 Its The Way The Choon Goes Together Smoovely”

Layne01 - Fan Base